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Hi, all! Man, I haven't posted here in a while. But I figured this would be one of the few places to ask: did anyone, by any chance, catch the Jeeves and Wooster in: Perfect Nonsense play when it was in the West End? I've seen professional reviews of it, but I'm curious to see what fans thought. I wish I could've gone.

Also, if anyone has or knows where one could obtain a *cough*bootleg*cough* of any of those performances, please let me know, either here or via PM. I doubt a recording was ever made, but seeing either Stephen Mangan or Robert Webb as Bertie would be a-mahhhhzing.

And just so I'm not asking for things without giving back: I've posted these here before years ago, but the links are probably dead and we've probably had new members since then, so:

By Jeeves 2000 BBC Recording - Steven Pacey (Bertie), Malcolm Sinclair (Jeeves) - This was a slightly abridged performance of the show recorded for the BBC.
Disc One: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dtw72110x7kwc1a/By_Jeeves_BBC_Disc_One_%28Correct%29.zip
Disc Two: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vdyiqu538y8db1p/By_Jeeves_BBC_Disc_Two_%28Correct%29.zip

By Jeeves 1997 Final Performance (bootleg) - Steven Pacey (Bertie), Malcolm Sinclair (Jeeves)
Disc One: http://www.mediafire.com/download/vhc6671g3aujrwf/DISC_ONE.zip
Disc Two: http://www.mediafire.com/download/nq5cd0ij2jo1jp0/DISC_TWO.zip

By Jeeves 2007 UK Tour (bootleg) - Robin Armstrong (Bertie), Jeffrey Holland (Jeeves)

Jeeves 1975 London Cast Recording - David Hemmings (Bertie), Michael Aldridge (Jeeves) - I didn't upload this.

ETA: Fixed the links, changed them to Mediafire. Comment if you have problems! Also, I backread and did see a post here with some folks talking about their thoughts on Perfect Nonsense, which was cool to see.
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Hullo, hullo, hullo!

I've been lurking on this wonderful community for about a year, since I discovered the world of Jeeves and Wooster, but until now I've been too shy to introduce myself ;)
So, here I am; I got into the Jeeves's stories via the Torchwood fandom, watched the TV adaptation and I'm still working my way through the books; I've recently finished Joy in the Morning :)
I've actually worked up the courage to post now because many moons ago I started to write my very own Jooster fanfic and, since English is not my first language, I would really appreciate the help of a Beta Reader, would anyone like to volounteer?
Toodle Pip,
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What-ho everyone! I've recently had an idea seeing as snail mail is getting rather popular, though if I'm posting somewhere I shouldn't, feel free to delete this; I thought that maybe it would be a fun, cute idea to send mail across the world to other fans of Jeeves and Wooster, as I'm hard-pressed to find any pen pals with an interest in Jooster or this series in general.

We could exchange letters about general things as well as Jeeves and Wooster, get to know each other and find friends with similar interests. As well as that, perhaps we could write little drabbles and short stories/poems to send in the mail, write our thoughts about characters and things that have happened in the series, and exchange teas from our countries, and share/give prompts for writing as well as other things, like reading each other's work and beta-ing.

I'm really getting into writing letters, and seeing as I'm a big fan of Jeeves and Wooster I wondered if anyone would like to exchange letters with me? For addresses and things like that, I could send you a private message on LiveJournal, but if you're interested, feel free to write a bit about yourself in the comments!
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Hello everyone, I'm writing a new Jeeves and Wooster fanfiction that I started in August, and I need some help, if you please. I haven't been writing much lately, so I'm rather out of the practice, especially with fanfiction. I just need some help to get the ball rolling and generate some plot ideas further.
It's a Jeeves/Blandings crossover with a Bertie/Jeeves pairing, where the Efficient Baxter finds out that they are in love before Jeeves and Bertie figure it out for themselves. I know what I want to happen in the end, but I'm unsure how to put it all together realisticly, and how Baxter could infer their love without it being obvious. Any ideas?
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What ho, everyone!

First, I'm searching for a fic which has sadly biffed off amid the mists of memory. It's so unique and bizarre that I'm not even sure it exists? Or did I make it up? It involves Jeeves leaving Bertie's employment, setting up in a resort somewhere, and playing a germane Oscar Wilde type to the resort guests. There's a conversation on the beach where he points out one of the girls' white dress only looks demure, but when the owner steps in front of sunlight, the whole thing looks transparent and it shows off her figure. He tells someone: "Why should I go to the world, when the world can come to me?"

He eventually returns to Bertie, and Bertie in his absence has learnt to do basic household tasks and is doing okay. He had never engaged another valet.

Second thing - rec me a writer!Bertie fic! I mean, P.G. Wodehouse is a recognized Literary Genius and Prose-smith (made that word up). In the J&W world it's Bertie coming up with all these wonderful narrative flourishes and fantastic dialogue. Rec me a fic where someone recognises that Bertie is more than just a member of the blood-sucking aristocracy.

Thanks everyone very much!
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Hello guys, I'm writing two Jeeves and Wooster fics at once (not even the murder mystery one that I started planning yet, as I'm stuck on plotting that one too) and I'm rather stumped.
I've got certain scenes from both fics written down, but I'm not sure how to progress with the rest of the story around it. I've got plenty of ideas but I just can't progress right now. Not only that, but I need some help with Bertie's voice.

Could somebody please read through what I've got and beta Bertie's narrative voice? I'll tell you the plot also, and see if it's any good or needs tweaking.
For now I've got a Jeeves-Blandings cross-over where a feud between Bertie and the Efficient Baxter should be taking place, and a romance scene between Bertie and Jeeves.
The second fic is a Bertie/Rocky and how they first met, but I also need help with the American-isms for Rocky. I'm not really sure how to write his dialogue.

Thanks if anybody's willing to help!
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Hi all! I was trying to reread some old favorites in the fandom and discovered to my horror that darkeyedseer has absconded from the internet for destination unknown and apparently taken all her stories with her! I'm devastated since she is the author of some of my most favorite Jeeves and Wooster stories. I'm especially looking for "Time and Again" which is the story where Bertie, after the bicycle disaster, gets depressed and convinced that he is useless and very rationally prepares for committing suicide by drawing up a will, buying laudanum etc. I think if I don't find this story again I'm genuinely going to shed a few tears I love it so much. Does anyone happen to know if the author just moved again (she had a livejournal which she deleted after moving to AO3) and her stories are still posted somewhere? I thought a favorite LotR author deleting all her stories even from her *own* computer so that no copy remains would have taught me to save my favorites but obviously not :(
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Hello. Would anybody be able to point me in the direction of some fics that feature a virgin/inexperienced/celibate/anxious-when-it-comes-to-sex!Jeeves? I really want to read something where Bertie is the more experienced of the two. Thanks very much!
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So I was surfing a multiple fandom ficfinders and I found this search below from several years ago that didn't have an answer. And now I'm really want to read this one! Help please?

'I'm searching for a Jeeves/Wooster story where they and several of Bertie's friends end up shipwrecked on an island. Jeeves is, of course, an excellent survivalist and while the rest are living in huts by the beach he's built himself a Swiss Family Robinson type home. Much to the other men's dismay all the women in the party begin to moon after him, but he and Bertie eventually get together. They live apart from the others for a time after the nature of their relationship is discovered. The others, lost without Jeeves assistance, come around. They're eventually rescued, but missing the freedom that they shared on the island they plan to become stranded again only this time with a piano along.

I think this writer had several other Jeeves/Wooster stories, but I haven't been able to find any I remember through google-fu or on delicious."

Link to original post


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Fan_flashworks is a themed challenge community for all fanworks and fandoms on Dreamwidth and Livejournal. Come and check us out!

fics, art, playlists, baking
any length

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Prompt: Idea for a crossover fic

I'm very interested in the idea of a crossover between Jeeves and Bertie and "Boardwalk Empire" (as long as neither Jeeves nor Bertie gets seriously hurt, that is) does anyone want to do this?
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We interrupt this broadcast of Jeeves and the (putative) Scorpions for an announcement

Fan_flashworks is a themed challenge community for all fanworks and fandoms on Dreamwidth and Livejournal. Come and check us out!

Fan Flashworks accepts work in any medium (including fingernail painting, baking, and knitting) and any fandom as well as 'crosspollination' (think 'weekly drabbles'?).

And you can earn swell badges to post on your LJ or Dreamwidth accounts.

Mention me, or[livejournal.com profile] storyfan, (and sorry if I missed other Joosterites--tell me and I'll add you here) in your first post to [livejournal.com profile] fan_flashworks and we earn free toaster badges (I will donate any toasters to IndeedSir to save Jeeves work in the kitchen).

...and now back to our regularly scheduled scorpion.
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I had an idea for a fic but I myself am rubbish at Wodehouse-speak so I wondered if anyone else might find it gets the creative juices flowing.

A Flowers for Algernon-esque AU where Bertie volunteers for an experimental procedure to increase his intelligence, possibly encouraged by Jeeves, most definitely encouraged by Aunt Agatha (which should be enough to prove its a bad idea but what can you do?) But unlike FfA, getting smarter is not a good thing as our beloved Bertie becomes more and more douchey (dare I say House-like) and less and less the good-hearted man Jeeves loves?  Happy endings are my favorites but I'd really just like to see what someone good at Wodehouse fic could make of this.
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So I was just realizing that maybe she's such a hateful little bitch because she's actually gay and doesn't know it, hence her heartless using and torturing of the men in her life that she just can't care about and subconsciously resents the fuck out of.  Or maybe she's mentally ill and untreated, or has some other Freudian Excuse.

Point is, this in an invitation to flex your writing muscles, or to dredge up any fic even vaguely like this that you've ever read.  Thanks in advance, chaps. *tips hat*
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Hi, I'm hoping to get some story recommendations along certain themes.

-- The first one is violent Spode. I remembere one story where Spode almost kills Bertie over something he didn't even do (of course). If I remember correctly it was a very close call and Jeeves had to become violent to stop Spode. I would love to find this story and all stories similar to it with Spode (or a Spode like character) attacking Bertie and Jeeves coming to the rescue.

-- Secondly I would love to find stories where Bertie plays classical music to please Jeeves even if he likes show tunes better. Any story like this or others were Bertie's love and talent for music comes into play would be very welcome.

I would be very grateful for all recommendations this lovely community can come up with :-). Thank you!
Slash and gen are both appreciated.
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Hello, All,

I'm so sorry I haven't update any Medicinal Skirts stories, but I just recently found my notes and am anxious to take off again soon. There is just one thing though: I do have quite a list of skirts and have looked around for more ideas (via Google), but the list still feels.... short. SO, I would love to hear of any ideas or requests from you all.
Here is what I have:
  • Waiter(ess)
  • Hula/Grass
  • Princess
  • Dutch-maid
  • Clown
  • Boy-player
  • Hoop
  • Tunic/skirt (medieval)
  • Cancan
  • Kilt
  • Gladiator
  • India (think Bollywood)
  • School girl (I hesitate to use this one)
You see my dilemma? Despite searching through "sexy costumes" on the internet they are all either to modern for Jeeves and Wooster or they're a male profession turned femme fantasy.

BTW! Search "male skirt" on Google. You are in for a treat! (I look forward to the equaling sexes)
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Hello kind community members.

I normally blithely post things and let the chips fall (Apologies if that was unmannerly--I happened upon this community after getting hooked on the work of Mice and Random Nexus in Ao3).

I have something in the hopper that's been giving me pause and was wondering if there were any brave souls willing to give it a glance?  It's the sequel to that last 'spyverse' tale (no one dies and the ending is happy). It's longish--about 17,000 words, and any help would be deeply appreciated.

Rummy comment warning: things got a bit out of hand in crack pairing land.  Please be cautious with the links. AND also the lower comments... please keep animals (especially newts) and small children away
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Hello! I'm a bit of a lurker in this community and have been gone quite some time because of life, but I've been tearing through Jooster fic lately like a mad thing, and reading so much just wants me to read more. But there are a couple types of fic I keep wanting to read and haven't found much of... I am really hopeful people will have recs! :)

1. Jeeves has to work to make it up to Bertie when a scheme ends up hurting Bertie. Bonus if the incident has made Bertie feel uncertain or hurt in some way, especially about Jeeves. (I've read [livejournal.com profile] backfrommars' WIP Jeeves and the Incalculable Mistake, which I loved and has made me want to see more more more!)

2. Jealous!Bertie seeing Jeeves dating or flirting with some other cove. (I haven't seen this yet though I really, really want to find some. Well, I haven't seen any recently. I vaguely recall reading some about a year ago. Any recs would be so great!)

3. Jooster bondage smut--either PWP or fic with plot, any at all, I love all types of fic. :D (I absolutely adored [livejournal.com profile] derien's Absence of Madeline, which has a scene with a really toppy Jeeves and some gorgeous bondage, and I also really need more of this.)

Any recs guys? Pretty please with a Jooster on top? (I'd offer writing Jooster for the community, but I fear my Wodehouse voice is terribly...nonexistent, really, which makes me sad.)
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Being a total J&W fanfic nut, I was dreadfully disappointed when I realized that I did not actually enough experience to write my own fics, having never read or watched any Jeeves & Wooster (I know, I know, it's on my summer list). So when I came across the J&W prompts on my favorite prompt community, I was brought to new lows, but then I remembered [livejournal.com profile] indeedsir and the world brightened once again.

[livejournal.com profile] comment_fic is a community where prompts are posted around a daily theme and fill are only long enough to fill a single comment (or two, or four, or- you know what, just link it). The Jeeves and Wooster prompts are not expansive, but they are sweet. Here's all the J&W prompts on delicious, for anyone in need or desirous of inspiration: http://delicious.com/commentfic/lonely!Jeeves%26Wooster

As you can see, they are called lonely!Jeeves & Wooster, because they want to be filled! Call it charity. (And, like, I'm the charity. Give me fic until the summer when I can read the books!)

I have taken the liberty of selecting a few particularly good prompts (read, my favs) in case you don't want to trawl through pages of prompts.

Valet!Bertie does his best to help save Jeeves from the latest spouse his Aunt wants him to marry
First time shagging in the bathtub
"This, Jeeves, is the pinnacle of human achievement. A true marvel." "...It's ice cream, sir."
(For the theme 'Lies') "I can handle this myself, Jeeves!"
They both have flashbacks about their experiences in the War
Jeeves lands in a world where Bertie is a family man 
Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley.
That bit where a cat enters the Wooster flat and does not leave despite Jeeves' efforts to evict said cat.

Jeeves, it's the stoic ones that make for the silliest drunks
Jeeves, a man in uniform

Hope you enjoy!
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Not sure if this is completely allowed but I'm posting on behalf of both myself and [livejournal.com profile] fleaflyfo.

We have been discussing a particular Jeeves/Wooster AU in which they are on the Titanic. Now, this thing would require a sad ending and I cannot write sad ending stories, and so we both decided that the good and talented people at IndeedSir might be the ones to appeal to.

We have some notes of things we want to see. Small things, but we just can't write this one. If anyone's thinking of writing this, we'll forward the ideas to you.

Is anyone interested?

EDIT: upon further review, the lady and I have thought maybe there can be a sad/happy one? There was one fic I read where there was a sad version and also a happy version? Would that be more likely then?

EDIT AGAIN: OK, so fleaflyfo and I have decided on a super angsty yet no deathy (ha) story. And since there is no death and no particularly sad ending, I can write it. Um, so thank you. Go about your business. :)


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