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Hello! First of all Merry Christmas to everyone on IndeedSir!
Last month [livejournal.com profile] imshi, [livejournal.com profile] damigella_314 and I met up in London to see Stephen Fry in Twelth Night. It was really great! Stephen was lovely as always and to see him performing live on stage was an utter joy! It was really nice to see him in his element :3

Before we went to the theatre we did some sightseeing on Wodehouse locations :)

The exterior of Bertie's flat from the tv series at daylight.

Click here for pictures and whatnot )

I really recommend you to visit some of the locations when you are visiting London! :3
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I haven't gotten very far into it, but it's already fascinating, and I thought you all might enjoy it. It has footage of Wodehouse himself, plus interviews with all kinds of interesting people.

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Hello! Stephen will be performing in the Shakespearian comedy Twelth Night as Malvolio at the Globe (I think that's already sold out) and at the Apollo Theatre in London, from the 2nd of November 2012 to the 3rd of February 2013.

Might it be an idea for those interested to go to purchase tickets on the same day (say a Saturday in November) and meet up and have a stroll through Mayfair and have a drink/meal together before going to the theatre?

1. Jeeves would approve since it's Shakespeare.
2. Jooster needs love :D
3. We will see Stephen in his element, acting.

I hope some of you are interested, it would be jolly nice to meet up with some people. :D
Here's some more info: One of the (many) sites to purchase tickets

I'm pretty sure it will be sold out very soonish. So please let each other know!

EDIT: How does November 24th sound?
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Mrs Stephen Fry (Edna) will answer Guardian's reader love questions in a live chat between 1 and 2pm GMT on Valentine's Day.

This is apparently advertisement for her book, How To Have An Almost Perfect Marriage.


PS To the mods: if this post is inappropriate, feel free to delete it.
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Stephen Fry with costuming from several of his characters, including Jeeves, found here. Sweet!
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Title: A Rum Thing Indeed
Characters: Bertie, Jeeves, House
Rating: Gen
Words: 700
Disclaimer: Don't own them. Never will.
Summary: Bertie discovers American TV
Author note: Crossover ficlet written several years ago for [livejournal.com profile] queenzulu  and never posted anywhere. Just found it on my hard drive.

“I say, Jeeves,” I remarked. “This is a puzzler and no mistake.”

“Indeed, sir?” replied Jeeves, holding the shoe he was polishing up to the light and inspecting it carefully. There was something about the tone of the fellow’s voice that I didn’t like.  Perhaps it was the hangover I was nursing.  But it seemed to me that Jeeves had managed to fill the two syllables of the word “indeed” with something very like impertinence. And I was not in the mood for impertinence. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was feeling disgruntled, but I was far--very far--from gruntled.

I replied with some asperity. “When I say, ‘This is a puzzler, Jeeves,’ I rather expect an offer of help. Not the implication that I am a fat-head to whom the smallest thing is a puzzle.”

Jeeves put the shoe back down on the hotel carpet and addressed me with a suitably respectful demeanor. “I regret that I gave offence sir. None was intended. May I be of any assistance?”

“I certainly hope so, Jeeves,” It was hard to stay angry with the man, and besides I needed his considerable brainpower—the man eats only fish—to help solve the current mystery. Without budging from my place on the sofa, I  pointed the remote control toward the large television ensconced in the hotel’s wooden console. “That fellow, who’s always solving mysteries—what’s his name?” I began. It was on the tip of my tongue.

“Sherlock Holmes, sir?”

“Good Lord, no. I’m referring to this chap, the medical man—there.” Jeeves turned his gaze toward the screen and squinted for a moment.

“I believe that is Dr. Gregory House,” he declared. “Star of the eponymous American television show.”

[More here: http://maineac.livejournal.com/26389.html]

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Since this is the only Jooster site I follow, I don't know if I'm late to the party on this or not, but according to CBC news, Stephen Fry has been picked to play Sherlock Holmes' older brother in the next Guy Ritchie installment.  


I'll admit, I'm of two minds about this.  I wasn't particularly fond of the first film, but now that Stephen Fry is going to be in the sequel, I won't be able to keep myself from going to see the second one.  However, if it's the complete arse-gravy I'm worried it might be, then I know I'll be in for an hour and a half of enduring sympathic pain and anger at the fluffy and gorgeous Mr. Fry being forced into a movie far, far beneath him. 

Oh well, if anyone can salvage a bad movie, it's Stephen Fry.  Especially if he's playing an "agoraphobic oddball".

And yes, I'm still working on "Jeeves and the Incalculable Mistake".  I'm just having trouble with chapter nine, because at this point it's very hard to see why Bertie wouldn't dismiss Jeeves the minute he laid eyes on him.
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I found these at YouTube after one of them was mentioned at a group:

tinyurl.com/23cmruc London Life 1930

tinyurl.com/2e4bvyd  London 1920s


Hyde Park 1926

There are more of London during different years, too. I find it interesting to see some of the things Bertie and Jeeves would have been familiar with.

If you are interested in this, Chariots of Fire has scenes of England in the 20s including some wonderful views of Eton. {In the film it's called Cambridge but if you listen to the commentary the actual filming took place at Eton}. Stephen Fry is in Chariots but I couldn't find him in the mentioned scene.

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Hi everyone! I have made screencaps of an old show called Happy Families that Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie were in. They act rather slashy so I thought this community would appreciate me sharing the link. They're over here at my journal. :)

Mods, if this isn't on-topic enough, feel free to delete.

I say!

Feb. 16th, 2010 05:16 pm
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Monday was my birthday, and I got quite a few wonderful gifts, including Stephen Fry's "Moab Is My Washpot", "The World of Jeeves and Wooster" album, and the complete Fry/Laurie Jeeves and Wooster!!!!! This was quite the windfall =D !!!

Also - off-topic - is anyone else having trouble with LJ formatting? Not being able to put in cuts or italics or anything?

Hey, baby.

Sep. 2nd, 2009 01:07 am
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I thought it was too quiet around here, so I will share this image I found on a random Google search.

Stephen Fry ironing

Yeah, you show that shirt who's boss LOL
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Well, this is yet another offtop from me, but I do hope not so terrible one :-)
I've prepared a little quiz to celebrate Stephen's birthday, and here it is:
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I know it's been brought up on here before that I missed uploading an episode of Jeeves and Wooster on Youtube. I managed the whole series BUT the infamous one where Jeeves and Bertie appear in drag. Why? Because I don't have it, quite frankly. :)
So I just thought I'd mention that the kind and curtious provider of all things Stephen&Hugh good on Youtube, DontTouchMyTea, has remedied this defect and S4E4 now lives with him/her.
So, erm, there you are I suppose.
(Did anybody else realize that Fionna Gilles was in "Hound of the Baskervilles" on Granada? Well, I was surprised... anyway...)
:D Toodles
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 ~ Jeeves on frequent personal questions.
(Quote is from Ask Jeeves)

Comrades, Comrades!

As I was fooling around avoiding responsibilities, I came across Uncyclopedia. The results of my extensive research were promising, yet disappointing towards the end.

Promising start:

1. "Having a gay day" Article about homosexuality. Oh, I say! Look who are in the spotlights?
2. Well. Basically, that's where it all ends. There is some Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, of course, but still...

No, I won't say we're entirely absent from The Dictionary (we are, after all, world record holder for whale wanking 1929) but surely, Comrades, I believe                                                       
                             WE CAN DO BETTER.

Let's pour some tea now, and discuss our brilliant tactics.

Now pimping with some ol' art.
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First, here's the art:

Title: With Mounting Heat and Passion (named for Stephen Fry's How to be Gorgeous monologue)
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Summary: SECKS?
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Just barely teetering on the edge of not-worksafe (I've temporarily taken down the Mature Content Warning for you guys).

Sweet freaking Jesus, %100-digital art that I'm actually REALLY proud of...

Title: Pillowtalk: Color
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Summary: Some post-carnal fluffiness
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Lineart by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] mxdp

The aftermath. Things have cooled down a bit.

Second, is anyone here familiar with the book Gay New York by George Chauncey? It covers Wodehouse-era homosexual subculture in NYC, and I thought I'd put its existence out there for anyone who wants to look up stuff for newyork!Jooster fics. I haven't actually read it myself, but OH SWEET LORDY LORD DO I WANT TO.

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I know this is wildly off-topic, but I also know a number of our lovely members are as obsessed with Stephen Fry as I.

http://www.morganritchie.com/ - an artist, namely, Morgan Ritchie, illustrates Mr Fry's daily Tweeting. Mr Fry is aware; he commented on it in his Twitter. The drawings are really lovely ^^
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Okay, I feel evil just asking this, but... Does anyone know about any QI fic? I was watching the B series (yuzz, got it on DVD) today, and I just couldn't get the thought out of my head that Stephen and Alan Davies would be sooo adorable...

Fine, I'm ashamed just asking. But no insult is intended; just pornage. Any tips/pimpage would be welcomed!
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Thought you guys might enjoy this story.

Near my school, there lies a humble thrift store. This thrift store has a LOT of REALLY CHEAP books. You can get paperbacks here for 25 cents. However, this cheepness comes at a cost: organization. Seriously, the layout is basically Children's Books, Foreign Language Books, and Everything Else In No Particular Order. During the past few weeks, I have taken to occasionally dropping in to search for some Jeeves, or ANY Wodehouse for that matter.

Today, I was bemoaning my inability (out loud to my friend Seren) to find any Wodehouse here because of the aforementioned disorganization.

About 10 seconds later, I found a first-printing copy of The Gun Seller.

How do you do that, Hugh?

ALSO, the other day I found a post here that linked to audio clips of Stephen Fry's introductions to the Masterpiece Theater airing of Jeeves and Wooster. Does anyone know where that is now? because I'm having trouble finding it.

And I will give you guise sum moar arts in about a week or so. A combination of replacing the Photoshop computer's hard-drive and our school's Senior Trip starting soon prevents me from doing so now. But I've been drawing a lotta Jooster.

Toodle-pip, all!
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What ho!,  

Stephen Fry has published a completely moving, poignant, heart-shattering letter to his 16 year old self; it can be viewed here:


I really have no words to respond with at the moment. 


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