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If you use Facebook, you're probably friends with Jeeves (or "Ask Jeeves," according to his profile name), but if not (or if you're not on Facebook) you should check this out! Jeeves in pajamas! They're rather brightly colored for Jeeves (obviously drawn by someone not familiar with Jeeves' sartorial standards).

The best part is that he's asking for tips on getting a good night's sleep. I commented (the second comment). I couldn't help myself!

Now that I've shared my true identity with all of indeedsir, I bid you good day (or some other part of the day).

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 ~ Jeeves on frequent personal questions.
(Quote is from Ask Jeeves)

Comrades, Comrades!

As I was fooling around avoiding responsibilities, I came across Uncyclopedia. The results of my extensive research were promising, yet disappointing towards the end.

Promising start:

1. "Having a gay day" Article about homosexuality. Oh, I say! Look who are in the spotlights?
2. Well. Basically, that's where it all ends. There is some Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, of course, but still...

No, I won't say we're entirely absent from The Dictionary (we are, after all, world record holder for whale wanking 1929) but surely, Comrades, I believe                                                       
                             WE CAN DO BETTER.

Let's pour some tea now, and discuss our brilliant tactics.

Now pimping with some ol' art.
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He disappeared three years ago without a trace, and now he's back.


Hmm...my fandoms are overlapping unintentionally.

Anyhow, in the U.K. version of ask.com, Jeeves has returned. I know feelings about this will be mixed, but, you do have a right to know!

Links to articles:



....We are going to have to storm Huffington. NOTABUTLER!


He's even acquired a twitter and a facebook. I'll be honest, I added him on both counts.
He's tweeted to Stephen Fry. Hee....

If this is irrelevant, I profusely apologize.

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My current gripe/mission is with the AskJeeves website that shirks the canons of common decency and still, despite several emails from myself and others in this community, refers to Jeeves as a--mind you, this may come as a shock; out with the smelling salts--butler. It is a common misconception for those not knowledgeable of our gentleman's gentleman to think of him as some mysterious paragon of the downstairs staff, but we, of course, see the flagrant err and that is why I politely ask, for those that are willing, to pop a few words--preferably of the indignant kind--into an email along the vein of, "you heartless fools; fix this at once." My reasoning is if enough people write, maybe they'll change their "put the butler in your browser" line to "put the valet in your browser."

Of course, this may render confusion among the lesser minded masses, "Jeeves parking cars, what?" but an aberration is an aberration and let the lesser minded masses be damned as they are no concern of mine. Our man Jeeves is being mislabeled and that is far more important than they.

So, if anyone is willing to rally round and send a bit of ire to them through the wires, I'd be most appreciative. I hate that they're capitalizing on Plum's character without paying proper due.

That would appear to be all.



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