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Title: Like dogs.
Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster, McIntosh/Bartholomew
Summary: Jeeves and Wooster are stuck with the two dogs at the same time. Something embarrassing happens, but Jeeves keeps his cool.
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, man or dog, or any part of the fandom. All of this belongs to PG Wodehouse.

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Holo Joosters AU Jooster on a holosuite.  Bertie and Jeeves decide the best way to use their afternoon of technology is to visit the planet Arrakis.  Wardrobes are discussed. Snuggles are negotiated.


Joosketeers...  Bertie and Jeeves at the Happiest Place on Earth. (I can't help it, I'm obsessed.)

and... last but not least... Queerfest.

Completely Flat or "How D'Arcy Cheesewright felt after meeting the real Daphne Dolores Morehead."
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Title: Jeeves and the Mating of the Scorpions
Chapter: 4
Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster
Summary: The unhappy couple has to bring two young people together. In a country-house, who would have guessed.
Rating: PG-13.
Words: 2150
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, settings or storylines; they were all thought up by PG Wodehouse (except for the Phnell-Bunghams and Mr Spinnerett, those are OCs; and except for "Nether Addlethorpe", which was made up by the late, great Loriot). This story was written and published only for fun, and no financial profit is made by anyone.

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Fic: On Ao3

Title: Bertie and Jeeves and D'Arcy and Rocky: What Dreams May Come
Pairings: Bertie and Jeeves, Bertie and Stilton, Stilton and Rocky, Rocky and Jeeves
Characters: (in order of appearance) Bertie, Stilton, Jeeves, Rocky, Sir Roderick Glossop, Anatole, Honoria Glossop's husband, a nipper, Old Mr. Wooster, Aunt original characters (spies and villains and things), Aunt Agatha.

Summary: Reginald Jeeves is dead, which has made it difficult to get back in touch with his true love. Should he create turmoil for Bertie or let him ankle along with Stilton Cheesewright?  Meanwhile, Bertie and Stilton are in Paris, doing their best to help Rocky Todd reassemble his wits. Somehow a baby adopts them, complicating matters about the flat they share with Anatole.  Soon, they discover more secrets and lies about their own pasts, including the identity of someone else long thought dead.  Bacon is eaten, whatnots are whatnotted and spies will be spies in this action adventure (if 'grabbing the toesies' counts as action)

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Jeeves and the Auntly Brawl

For the "interruptions" prompt in [livejournal.com profile] fan_flashworks

Jeeves and Wooster
Length: ~3000 words
Pairings: Jeeves and Wooster, Stilton and Daphne Dolores Morehead, Mabel and Biffy Biffen.
Characters: Jeeves, Bertie, Aunt Agatha, Aunt Dahlia, Stilton Cheesewright, Mabel and Biffy Biffen, Mr. Jarvis the Doorman, Sir Roderick Glossop, a couple of random policemen, Lord Chuffnell (mention only)
Prequel: Jeeves and the Only Sensible Plan
Rating: G/PG (more of those boy snuggles and some aunt-on-aunt violence)
Summary: About three weeks after Bertie breaks his arm in the service of Aunt Dahlia, chaos erupts at 3A Berkeley Mansions.
Warnings: Misuse of Milady's Boudoir and Mrs. Beeton's Use of Household Management. Fisticuffs erupt in the sitting room.
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Or.... what someone did during the hurricane/cyclone/whatevermajiggy

Inspired by some recent thinly veiled threats and accompanying lovely art by [livejournal.com profile] detective_wolf  

Title: The Jeevesianian Whatchamacallit
Pairings: Jeeves/Bertie, Bertie/Athena (not if Jeeves can help it), Athena/Loki (not if Zeus can help it), Stilton/Florence, Apollo/Florence, Anatole/Seppings (implied)
Summary: Jeeves turns into a Centaur and, well, er, whatsit. 
Rating: PG/PG-13
Word Count: ~6000
Warnings: Centaurs are naughty. Hipogriffs consume innocent neckwear. Nymphs run amok at Brinkley Court. Crack Mythology, Harry Potter crossovers.  

Also on my LJ since I recently figured out how to use that little scissors whatchamajiggy.
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Ghosts and Gore, following prompt at fan_flashworks.

I think this was supposed to be hallowe'en-y  and instead it all came out rather schmoopie in the end.... <sigh>
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Once again, Bertie and Jeeves are in the throes of new love and must negotiate aunts, cleavers, timbales and eminent loony doctors, not to mention Florence Craye and Stilton Cheesewright, to get their appropriate snuggles.

Jeeves and the Flying Cleaver Adventure (Chapter 6)

Pairings: Bertie/Jeeves, Anatole/Seppings, Stilton/Florence, Stilton/OMC, Stilton/Jeeves (implied), Stilton/Rocky Todd (implied)  Yes, Stilton is confused.

Warnings: Aunt Dahlia is rather aggressive.  Florence Craye contemplates slapping Stilton, and Anatole bungs cleavers about willy-nilly.

Comments: would be highly appreciated.
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Title: Jeeves and the Flying Cleaver Dilemma (Chapters 4 and 5)
Summary: Jeeves and Bertie return to England after a year in Europe.  Jeeves gives Bertie an important token of affection. Stilton gets a backrub. Meanwhile, Anatole and Seppings are perturbed by spy business.

Pairings: Jeeves and Bertie (still in the first flush of new love and very cute), Anatole and Seppings (also quite endearing), Stilton and OMC

Warnings: Much less whatnot than the previous installments of this tale.  Knives are bunged about. 

Additional notes: I am struggling a bit with this because it backs up against the flashbacks in the "Darkest Hour" and I do not want to give too much away. 

Any hints on the hand signals Bertie can use to tell Jeeves he loves him during house parties would be welcome.

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I've been in the mood to illustrate some canon scenes, so here are a couple.

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I have now officially become obsessed with novelty undergarments of the period, as have Jeeves, Bertie and Sir Roderick.  Sadly, Jeeves has some disturbing symptoms in the next installment of the Glossop Cure

Warning: Jeeves is very emotional.
Disclaimer: this is fanfiction and the characters are not mine own.  No shirt suits were harmed in the making of this installment of the Glossop Chronicles.
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Title: Honoria and the Cipher of Jeeves
Fandom: Jeeves & Wooster
Pairings: Honoria Glossop/Daphne Braythwayt, possible Bertie/Jeeves
Rating: NC-17 (details in notes)
Words: 5600
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. Just having fun with them.
Summary: What happens when kinky ladies project their desires onto a certain gentleman and valet? Honoria Glossop and her friend Daphne Braythwayt suspect there's more between Bertie Wooster and his valet Jeeves than meets the eye. But between Bertie's rhapsodic ramblings and Jeeves' practiced mask, it's difficult to get to the heart of the matter. Then again, when there are amorous adventures to be had among friends, does the heart of the matter really, well, matter?

"Are you suggesting," Honoria finally managed, "that Bertie Wooster and his valet are lovers?"

Also, hi there. I'm new around here (here is in Indeed, Sir, and here as in fandom) but really enjoying what I've seen so far. Looking forward to more!
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Thanks to curious ladies [livejournal.com profile] erynn999 ,[livejournal.com profile] ironicbees ,[livejournal.com profile] gentlepolinka and others who loved this awesome fanfiction I draw another /and last/ picture.Hope you will like it!

For more drunken servants here )
Under link you can also find process of my painting style.From rough sketch to final version.
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I finally finished watercolor/ink illustration for lovely and funny story-"Jeeves and the female doubles"

Summary: Bertie's aunts are trying to get him hitched to a girl who is an awful lot like him. Also, Jeeves gets drunk, Claude and Eustace get blackmailed, and Seppings is on a mission to stamp out illicit liaisons

'What ho, there.' )

Art Dump

Aug. 3rd, 2011 03:37 pm
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Most of this stuff was inspired by the suggestions I was given in my last post. Funnily enough, none of it is Jooster this time.

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Title: Bicky's Chickens
Author: Derien
Pairing: Rocky Todd / Francis "Bicky" Bickerstaff.
Summary: Bicky thought raising chickens and selling eggs would be a good way to make money, but he lives in a small apartment in New York City. Can voodoo help?
Rating: Green for nothing fun because I'm not so comfortable writing fun stuff.
Words: 6,000-ish
Disclaimer: To think I owned these characters would be the greatest folly. Not so, but in fact quite otherwise. I'm just developing them. ;)
Notes: Many, many, thanks to my kind betas: [livejournal.com profile] kryptyd, who was willing to kick things around with me, and [livejournal.com profile] jabber_moose, who reminded me that just checking the back of the video box might not be the best way to do research. And also to my brother, Hawk, who assured me that my lack of research probably didn't hurt me much. :)

Posted on AO3

ETA: My gosh, I'd never looked at the tags available when posting here, before, they're great! Good work, whoever did that (I fail at remembering anything, especially names).

ETA yet again: I need to dedicate this story to RatGirl, an ex-coworker, because she totally came up with the ghost chicken, like two years ago, and I'd pretty much forgotten until I was responding to one of the comments, here. Bad Derien! *slaps wrist*
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Fic: Troubled Times

Chapter 33 Part 1

Author: Emerald

Rating: Mature. NC-17

Disclaimer: Wodehouse owns Jeeves and Wooster.

Beta: jestana Thank you for the careful beta'ing!

A/N: Quotes used:

Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray. Lord Byron

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine. Song of Songs.

I love you with a love that is more than a love. Edgar Allan Poe.

That I should love a bright particular star and think to wed it, he is so above me. Shakespeare.



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