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Hello, my very favorite people of the internet-thingwhatsit. Here are some new and improved photos inspired by [livejournal.com profile] godsdaisiechain's bally marvelous Gentleman's Personal Djinn series (I really wasn't happy with my first attempt). I have been trying out different photo editing techniques to imitate black and white, sepia, and hand colored photos. Do you have advice or suggestions from your superior knowledge of things 1920s and 1930s about what I should be doing with color, graininess, exposure, contrast, etc. or advice of good websites to consult on the topic?

Screen shot 2013-09-12 at 9.11.25 PM

discussion and photos, including, as one would expect, bare-chested men in harem pants holding rubber ducks, etc. )
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A Jeeves and Wooster photo story in artsy historically accurate black and white. (It’s like Spindrift, but without those pesky words!). This is the first real photo story I've done with Bertie and Reginald, so I would totally love it if you would take a look, old chaps.

Title: The Mystery of the Valet in the Night Time

Synopsowhatsit: Why, exactly would one's valet appear in the bedchamber wearing not his usual valet-ish garb, but only his long and revelatory undergarments? In which a Rex West novel is hastily discarded, Jeeves smirks, and Bertie boggles.

Rating: PG. Since one would never bandy a gentleman’s personal gentleman’s name (or pictorial likeness), anything too unseemly is left subtly implied.

 photo Screenshot2013-09-07at113851PM_zps23b46e59.png

click fruity pictures and delish Jeevsian pectorals )
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    (If I can't do this please tell me and i'll delete the post)

Alright. So who else screamed when they saw Rowan Atkinson show up in the Opening Ceremonies? Huh?
I know I was laughing! (still am)

(Yeah, I'm stretching the Jeeves Wooster/Blackadder/Mr.Bean connection just a tidge, but I really want to be excited about it with someone, none of my real life family or friends care as much. heh heh)

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I choose and line up these photos so that they illustrated whole day:3 Peaceful and lovely like how i imagined one day at Wooster´s flat.
Text is mostly from Jeeves in springtime. XD

Look right here,sir.... )
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I promised more photos/hotter too/ and because here in Prague is cold and bloody freezing weather I decide post some summer moments/and more skin/! I like how people invited plots and stories about last photos,so maybe these will inspire you further.

ATTENTION:This post content some nudity so if you dont approve just dont click on link below

For adventurous holiday follow here: )
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I rummaged tru my archives and saved photos which i occasionally use like inspiration.And i want share some awesome photos an cute moments:3 There is lot of fanfictions or fanarts but i didnt find much photos from Wodehouse era so maybe you find it nice:3

Part I. under cut )
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Thanks to curious ladies [livejournal.com profile] erynn999 ,[livejournal.com profile] ironicbees ,[livejournal.com profile] gentlepolinka and others who loved this awesome fanfiction I draw another /and last/ picture.Hope you will like it!

For more drunken servants here )
Under link you can also find process of my painting style.From rough sketch to final version.
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Hi, I'm finally de-lurking with this. I hope the concept hasn't been done before, but I have a feeling it might have been...

Princess Bride quotes work everywhere )

I say!

May. 26th, 2011 07:15 pm
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This picture must have been taken after a rough tumble, for Jeeves' perfectly brilliantined hair has been ruffled and is still slightly out of order.
He looks rather adorable :D


Naughty lads )
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Saw the images recently posted and thought of this. I only have a paint program, so ignore the background and consider the joke.

An Angel on one shoulder, a devil on the other, but in his case you get to pick which is which ;)

Though, on review, I notice they're still more interested in each other than the bezel!

where I stole the shot

see more )
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The Pac-Bell Tower in San Francisco is from Bertie and Jeeves's time. The photos here are just incredible. I can hardly believe that a beautiful building like this still exists. If our boys had visited SF in the late 20s or beyond, they'd have very likely seen this amazing building.

I can't even tell you how bally amazing this thing is. Go look at the photos, dash it!
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I was browsing in one of my favorite used bookshops this weekend and found a fantastic gem - a set of six 1930s Wodehouse books (two Jeeves and Wooster, four not) bound in an amazing color of orange faux leather, with gold-stamped bindings, for US$10 each. And a bonus red-bound, gilt-stamped Wodehouse collection edited by Ogden Nash, which was US$12.50.

See how pretty they are?

Vintage 1930s Wodehouse
Vintage 1930s Wodehouse

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Had to share this with all of you...

I'm gonna go back now and stare at it.
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Good morning, all! While kicking my muse around to get her started again (unfinished fic is lying around my hard drive), I just though I'd share some pics from the Jazz Age party I hosted this weekend, since it turned out a great success and we had such fun and I just recommend everyone do the same ^^

I put the link to my Facebook album here, if anyone would like to see ^^ Notice that all the men are wearing braces! We did happy Charleston dancing over that :)
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This little thing sits in the middle of my desktop, making me laugh every time I see that expression. Feel free to take and/or share; I just put the captions on and the original picture isn't mine, either :)
Fruity Bertie behind cut )
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Something I'd love to own )

Eta: NOOOO! They sold it to someone else before I had a chance to get it, even though I sent an email mere hours after it was put out for sale. Woe is me. Sigh...
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Stalking Browsing like the nerd I am, I came across this pic which has captured a simply fantastic expression of Mr Fry as Jeeves. Since I don't have Photoshop and am utterly fail at this sort of thing anyway... Would anyone want to make a little icon/avatar goodness to share with us all? :)



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