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Long story short, a writer is attempting to do cocktail-a-day ficlets: http:// archiveofourown.org/series/71017

I've asked to do one for Buck's Fizz, an ack emma cocktail created by the barman of the Buck's Club. The Drones was modeled after this jolly establishment.

I'd like to have the two clubs join forces for an event, but I need a title for said event. Something outrageous, like the Annual Panty Raid and Bedroom Slipper Tea, or similar. The more outrageous, the better, don't you know.

Old eggs, can you help me out?

Oh, and here's a link to wiki, if that helps: http:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buck%27s_Fizz_%28cocktail%29

Remove the space between the backslashes and the en. and the link should work for you. Also, remove the space in the first link, and that one should work as well. I've found that including links in posts sometimes drops them into a moderation queue.
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A Washington Post review of "Jeeves and the Wedding Bells," the new Jeeves and Bertie novel sanctioned by the Wodehouse estate, is firmly dissed.

Here's the good part: The reviewer says the reader can find better stuff right here on our illustrious comm!

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Alison Brooks has written a whole series of alternative authors' versions of Lord of the Rings. Scroll down for a brief scene featuring Frodo and his valet Samwise...
I would read that book.
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From the Index:
Wodehouse, P.G., W’s liking for books by, 338

Intrigued? )
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[livejournal.com profile] sepiachord has got "Jeeves and Wooster" by Gavin Villareal as its song of the day! Drop by and have a listen!

eta: Link fixed. Sorry about that!
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I do not know this Tom Gauld fellow myself, but I am glad he is bringing our attention to this Serious Rise in Crime!

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I saw a reference from someone yesterday to a novel/movie Breakfast on Pluto, about an Irish trans woman. I'd never heard of it before and so I went looking for a little info, and what should I find but this gem:

Pussy's politician lover in the novel becomes a glam rock musician played by Gavin Friday with whom Kitten may or may not have had a sexual relationship, and Pussy's lover Bertie Wooster becomes magician Bertie Vaughan (Stephen Rea), with whom Kitten has an unrequited flirtation. Liam Neeson plays the priest that Braden believes is her biological father, a character renamed Father Liam, although a number of reviews erroneously call him Father Bernard, as in the book.

And I wondered why Jeeves hadn't stepped in and scooped up the young master for his own already.
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So, in an effort to improve my grammar, which anyone who has read my unbeta'd fics can attest that I need to do, I was reading Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Lynne Truss.
And here's some stuff she had to say about Wodehouse.

Semicolon to start with )
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 Being a complete bookslut avid reader I picked up a copy of "The Sign of the Four", by (you know him you love him) A. Conan Doyle in my University library. Well, it just so happens this is not just *any* copy of "The Sign of the Four". Oh, no my dear chaps and fillies. This is the Ballantine "The Sign of the Four" with an Introduction by our beloved Plum.

Nor is it just any Introduction. Oh, no my dear chaps and fillies. This is Plum analyzing Holmes' finances and drawing an unsuspected and highly amusing conclusion re: the secret life of Sherlock Holmes (no, no slash my dearies. But still highly amusing).

Well, I know that a great many of you aren't only massive Plum fans, but many worship at the shrine of The Holmes and hold a candle for our great mustachioed Doyleykins.

It is with you lot in mind that I took a little free time to transcribe the Introduction in question.

Therefore I present to you this charming blend of account of Wodehouse and Doyle's friendship in person, as well as Wodehouse's satirical "throwing custard pies" at Doyle and his most beloved and famous (much to the late author's dismay) character.

Ahem: "I am never happier than when curled up with Sherlock Holmes" )
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You guys know The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? The book that takes old English and American novels and crosses them over in an eerie way?

This is the Jeeves & Wooster part of it.

One of the Great Old Ones (extraterrestrial, brain-napping sort of chap), visits aunt Dahlia at Brinkley Court and tries to steal Bertie's brain.

What Ho, Gods of the Abyss )


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