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The lovely Finmagik gave me maintainer/moderator rights on the Wodehouse Kink Meme - OhIDoSay - and I know there hasn't been a lot of activity there lately, but I was thinking maybe folks just needed to be reminded about it. Possibly due to the inactivity, people gave up - understandable - but I'd like to suggest folks toddle over and take a gander at the prompts unfilled thus far, see if they spark your Muses.

[livejournal.com profile] rathanylakan had started a filled post and was doing beautifully, but stopped when someone else started tracking the fills, I believe. However, that was on the community [livejournal.com profile] toodlepipsigner started up for fills to posted - OhYouDoSayDoYou, but that's not the Kink Meme, so it would still be a useful thing to have if we get more traffic on the Kink Meme.

So, if you've never been there, do have a look; if you have been there and got discouraged, have another look; and if you see anything that a maintainer/moderator can do to spiff the place up, let me know and I'll try.

POTENTIAL IDEAS (offer a comment if you have one):

[] Maybe a poll to see if there's any interest?

[] Post a brand new Prompt Post, though certainly allow for the previous unfilled prompts to be filled.

[] Update the Filled Prompts list.

[] Update the Unfilled Prompts list.


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Hi yall. I've been lurking the community for a while now, and even though I have very little to contribute, I've been enjoying the fandom immensely. Like so many others here, I rebooted my computer a while back and I have since been trying to rediscover all my old fics. However this in't a request for help.

I was searching for the good old Kink Meme yesterday, (which I did find :3) and I came across a Fluff Meme! I've never heard of such a thing, but oh man, I was excited. I was a little disappointed to see that it hadn't been updated in a long time and few prompts had been filled. But why should such a lovely idea go to waste? There are tons of prompts just waiting to be filled. I know I'm willing to take on a few...A few plot bunnies have already attacked my brain. I'm sure I'm not the only member who never realized that there was a Woodhouse Fluff meme, so hopefully drawing attention to it again will breath new life into it again?
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A fill for one of the suit kinkmeme prompts!

Title: Unsuitable
Author: Mice
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Rating: PG-13
Words: 3700
Summary: Bertie comes home a little worse for wear. Jeeves takes matters into his own dashed capable hands.
Disclaimer: I don't own a damned thing. This is all for the sake of my perverse amusement. No newts were harmed in the production of this story.
Author's Notes: For the multifandom suit kinkmeme. The prompt: The state of the suit: wrecked beyond repair. Torn in ways that show skin. Bertie: in need of bandages and a chance to rest. Possibly going to need some comfort as well. Jeeves: More than willing to lend a hand. Instabeta by the most awesome and wondrous [livejournal.com profile] random_nexus.

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So, in an attempt to break out of a long spate of blocked creativity, I attempted this fun and (apparently now orphaned) Jeeves and Wooster meme that was making the rounds awhile back. Man, that was a marathon scribbling session. Argh. *massages cramping hand*

Weird digital marker pics behind the cut! )
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There is a Multifandom Suit and Uniform Kinkmeme starting up. I think our favorite gentleman and his gentleman's gentleman would be, erm, suitable subjects for this one!
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A hundred thousand pardons if this has been posted here before. I just saw this this morning and once I picked myself up off the floor, naturally, I had to share it with this esteemed community.

funny puns - It's a Trapp!
see more So Much Pun

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Title: Claude & Eustace, Matchmakers
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: I think Claude & Eustace deserve a warning in and of themselves
Disclaimer: No one is paying me for this, alas.
Summary: In gratitude for fishing them out of the soup, the Wooster twins decide to give Jeeves what he really wants, i.e. Bertie.
A/N: Written for the fluffmeme. Original prompt here. Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] storyfan for the lovely beta job.

Claude & Eustace, Matchmakers )
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As I said in my latest post, I've been trying to find the empty base of Miss Siilikeiju's J&W art meme. Sadly, I didn't find it. So I decided to copy the questions by hand and fill it that way. :) 

This is the first half, the second one will hopefully be up in a couple of days.


( it's a huge file D: )

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Boredom on my day off from work resulted in me creating this meme for your entertainment.

Enjoy, and do create your own and share in the comments!

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Before I'm eaten alive, this was written for [info]amethystaura's birthday meme. So ALL MISTAKES ARE HERS no, just kidding. All mine. Totally un-beta'd and perhaps a little rushed, but still, I gave it my shot.

Title: Mistakes, or, Punishing the Paragon
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP
Warnings: Slash, explicit sex, power play, bondage. Def NSFW.

Here it is!
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I bring fic ^^ It was just supposed to be a silly little drabble, but as is often the case, the plot bunny grew vastly out of proportion and this was the result.

Title: Comrade Jeeves and the Radical Morning
Author: froggy ([livejournal.com profile] niektete)
Words: ~4,700
Genre: Fluff, Humour, Romance
Characters/pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Warnings: A little implied hotness
Rating: PG (for the implied hotness)
Summary: Bertie went to the theatre and came back with a dangerous plan. Jeeves worries.

The fic is here

Also, because I am self-pimping: there's a little drabble-prompt-meme going on at my journal. There's already some Jooster in the offing, so feel free to come get a drabble ^^
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I promised certain peeps that I would perpetrate some prawnz (porn) to tide them over till I finish a sequel for another project they wish to see. I have also been ogling and enjoying (and filling prompts for) the interesting and fun prompts over at [livejournal.com profile] ohidosay, which, as you may or may not know, is a Wodehouse Kink Meme community. In a fit of wild and crazy optimism, I tried to finish one in a single day. Yes, if you know me at all, you're laughing your bum off now and I don't blame you. So, it took TWO days and it was ridiculously long, BUT! (Yes, there's always one somewhere.) BUT, it covers three prompts. Yeah, so there. *grin*

You can find my rather wordy response to some prompts HERE.

For those who don't want to have to join the community to read, please step this way where you can read it on my LJ.
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This was written for the Fluff Meme over on [livejournal.com profile] wodehousefluff.

Prompt: "Bertie's little ducky Benjamin goes missing, and Jeeves hunts for it high and low while Bertie watches unconsolable[sic] and sopping wet in a towel until Jeeves finds it. Pre slash, Jeeves melting at Bertie's thank you. :3"

Title: MIA Ducky
Rating: G
Fandom: Jeeves & Wooster
Characters/Pairings: Bertram Wooster/Reginald Jeeves
Word Count: 2,680
Warnings: Fluff, Sap, Silliness.
Author's Notes: This may not be precisely to order, but it landed in my lap today and insisted on becoming. Hang onto your cavities and have some insulin ready, totally silly, sappy crappy here.
MIA Ducky )

Fluff meme

Dec. 16th, 2009 12:27 pm
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As a companion to our kink meme, I've started a "fluff meme." So if you've got a prompt that's more fluffy than kinky, come on over to [livejournal.com profile] wodehousefluff and post it. Just follow the directions in the first post there and enjoy! :)

(Sorry to those who already saw my previous post and then saw it deleted. I had some issues with the comm settings.)

meme again

Apr. 27th, 2009 03:54 am
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So, my friends... who wants a meme?

This way... )
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...surprised even me. :9
Parts 1
and 4
Title: St. George Jeeves to the Rescue!
Rating: G
Words: Prompt: "And now Jeeves and Aunt Agatha in a staring competition."
It was fun drawing aunt Agatha! (Guess which type of bird I used for inspiration? :3)
Whereas getting Jeeves' haughty expression right was quite vexing. >_>;
This one arrived with a little fanfic as well. ^_^;
during the writing of which I think I just gave myself fluff poisoning.
So careful there. :'P

Still interested?
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Parts 1
and 2
and 3
Title: Part 4/10
Rating: G
Words: Prompt: "Draw Bertie and Jeeves in drag"
Those might actually be a tad oldfashioned clothes for them (Bertie's is basically copy of an illustration from early twenties...thought we hardly know when those stories are set anyway, or...?). Perhaps the wardrobe of an aunt had to be pilfered. Perhaps we don't want to know. *shrug*

look out, it's a cut!

Art Meme!

Jan. 27th, 2009 05:23 pm
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Hello! This new layout is quite spiffing.

I have taken a crack at [livejournal.com profile] siilikeiju's Jooster art meme.

The end result is here. It was ridiculously fun, if not an artistic masterpiece.
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Title: J&W Art Meme part 2/10
Rating: G
Words: For further info, see part 1
"Prompt": Now draw Jeeves in an attire that Bertie would wear but which would make Jeeves very upset.

Oh the horror...or?
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Title: J&W Art Meme part 1/10
Rating: G
Words: I've recently drawn some pictures for [livejournal.com profile] siilikeiju's very entertaining J&W art meme, ans since I had to make the pictures rather small, didn't feel content in just posting it on deviantart. ^_^;
There will also be a few added notes concerning some images.

There will be about nine more posts in this series, which I intend to post in following days (after that I'll post the entire thing on DA, of course).
(also: this is text from the meme)

Fake cut to the arts


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