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Viewing files on-line is one of my pet peeves, so i decided at 12am that I had to download and convert all 48 images of the first chapter of the Jeeves manga that has been floating around. As I am not really a writer, consider this pdf a good will gesture for all of my stalking.
If any one wants the individual images to do what you will just comment or PM me and I will send them as quick as I can. As for the rest of the chapters, they will go up as soon as next exam is over.

P.S. sorry if the link doesn't work. It is my first time using sendspace
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It is probably not news to most members of this community but as I've just discovered it, I thought I'd let everyone know in case there are others like me who did not know of it -
PG Wodehouse's books are available for free download at the Guttenberg Project site at this address:
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Well, I'm sure I've seen it mentioned on this lovely little fandom: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: What ho, Gods of the Abyss!
What I wasn't sure of was whether or not anyone had linked the ability to read it for free to the comm. And so I do this now as my daily act of possibly unnecisarry charity. Because an act of necissary charity would be considered living beyond my means. My bad if it's already linked but I couldn't be bothered to check.
*steals back into the night* Enjoy!

Edited to include the fact that Jeeves giving Bertie the heimlich manoeuver is most amusing. My way of saying "I highly recommend this".
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Here you can find an assortment of Wodehouse short stories and compilations, from the Psmith, Mike, Jeeves, and Blandings canons, as well as some stand-alones. Some are just chapters, some are there in their entirety.
Throwing it out there for those of us who live off cheap soups and don't get down to the library quite as much as we'd like to. We romantics like out books free and easily accessible, don't we? :)
Happy reading!
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So I did a search for "Jeeves" on the iTunes App Store (for iPhones and iPod Touches) the other day and I came across a wonderful little item called Classics of PG Wodehouse. It's basically a package of e-book versions of The Little Nugget, Indiscretions of Archie, Psmith in the City, Psmith Journalist, and My Man Jeeves. And it was only $1.99.

So, to reiterate:

5 complete Wodehouse novels.

On your special 'Pod.

For two bucks.

I don't think I need say more.

In other news: when my current Photoshop-heavy project tones down later this week, I will try to give you guys the First-Few-Weeks College of Jeeves and Wooster Photo Tour, hosted by myself and the boys, involving brick paths, evil black squirrels, and a particularly dangerous library banister.

Toodle-pip! Mercy be on my schedule!
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Biff off to my journal for a word or two on this:  BIFF off to see what Random_Nexus is blathering about.

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Merchandising, merchandising! I've given you The Long Road the Serial, The Long Road the Soundtrack, and now, The Long Road the PDF!

This PDF is courtesy of the lovely [livejournal.com profile] favoritedarknes, who put this together with just a gorgeous layout and typeface.

Download all 90 pages worth here. If you've been waiting to read the whole shebang in one go, this would be the best way to do it.
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Hello there! De-lurking for a second to post info for anyone wanting to write about British schooling.

Wodehouse's first books were about the fictional boys school of St. Austin's, and they are:

The Pothunters (1902)
A Prefect's Uncle (1903)
Tales of St. Austin's (1903)
The Gold Bat (1904)
The Head of Kay's (1905)
The White Feather (1907)
Mike (1909) 

These are almost all available on line, here:


just scroll down to Wodehouse.

*returns to primordial ooze*

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Of the ones [livejournal.com profile] magegirl8 listed, I've found the ones linked below available to read online, and it's very few, really.  As you can see, you've got lots of choices.
list of stories )
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Hi, first post in this community (where I've been lurking, reading, giggling and goggling for a little while now). Just wanted to post a link to more Wodehouse online - I got a couple of novels from the links posted on this community, but this site has Jeeves in the Offing and Much Obliged Jeeves, which I didn't notice anywhere else.



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