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What-ho, everyone! I bring some new fic, though I must apologise because the tone may have suffered somewhat due to the subject matter - blackmail.

Summary: Upon a brief soujorn to Blandings, the efficient (and somewhat interferring) Baxter seems to suspect Bertie Wooster of something diabolical, though he isn't quite sure of what... Through intrusive observation and a misunderstanding, he comes to the conclusion that he is having an illicit, homosexual affair with his valet, Jeeves.

You can also read it at AO3.

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I just finished episode four of last year's Blandings TV series, and I was wondering if anyone else has watched it, and if so, what they thought? The more I see, the more I enjoy it, but it doesn't really live up to what I want from Wodehouse on screen. I'm used to, idk, tighter scripts? Tighter overall production? This feels somewhat sloppy. But it's still quite fun, and it's only three hours overall, so I don't regret the time expended in watching it at all.

I also got my hands on the 2004 Piccadilly Jim, and holy crap, did anyone else watch that film, because it was awful. The more I watched the more it was like being bludgeoned in the head with a two-by-four very, very slowly. Are any of the previous adaptations any better, or should I steer clear of them, too?
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Apparently, the BBC plans to do a 6-part Blandings series. I thought this might be of interest to the chaps and chapesses of our fair community. Those of you who are likely to see it first, please do let us know! I'm sure it will be quite spiffing!
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Thought you may have not seen this before (I haven't): Jeeves and Wooster drawn by a cartoonist called Roger Langridge, and the cast of Blandings Castle by a comic book artist and illustrator Colleen Coover.

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Here you can find an assortment of Wodehouse short stories and compilations, from the Psmith, Mike, Jeeves, and Blandings canons, as well as some stand-alones. Some are just chapters, some are there in their entirety.
Throwing it out there for those of us who live off cheap soups and don't get down to the library quite as much as we'd like to. We romantics like out books free and easily accessible, don't we? :)
Happy reading!
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Title: Dark shadows over Blandings Chapters 1 & 2
Genre: Humor, crossover, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Very odd little fic, a Crossover with Blandings/Urkidge and various occult elements including vampires and werewolves meant to be funny.

Note: I STILL need a beta reader. Also I'm going with the popular theory that all the Ukridge short stories take place before Love among the chickens. SO he's married to Millie from Ukridge rounds a nasty corner. this pretty far in the Blandings saga.

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X-posted on [livejournal.com profile] eggcrumpetbean and my Live journal.

I really hope you like this!
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I've decided to stop bothering everyone about the RPG. Indsetead I'd like you to check out an odd fic I wrote. It has vampires! It has Blandings! It has Ukridge! And a Werewolf! Yay!

Dark shadows over Blandings

I hope you lie it.


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