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Hi all, I'm looking to find some of the older fics that are listed here, but which have broken links. In particular, I am looking for Bad Faery's "Breaking the Silence", but I would love to read any of the ones up there with broken links.

Also, I came across this rec on another list, and am having no luck finding a working link:

Author: Lucy Knisley
Pairing: Jeeves/Bertie
Journal fic

Rating: PG
Summary: One question remains: How to find and confront my errant valet. Heart hasn’t stopped beating like a bally rabbit all afternoon - think I need a stiff drink.[[WARNING! HUGE image ahead! And by huge I mean 1296x5530px. Yes, this isn’t exactly a fic, but it’s wonderful and I want to rec it, and there is text, so here it stays. This is a short adventure, told in snippets of  Bertie’s diary, starting with a Bad Thing and culminating in a Rather Wonderful Thing. And it’s lovely. :3]]

Is anyone able to help me out with either working links or copies you might have saved that you could email me? Much appreciated.

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So I've looked for this fic for months now and am at my breaking point. Any help would be appreciated as I've lost my bookmarks due to a computer crash (and me being an idiot and not backing up) so although I have vague memories of searching for this before here goes:

It is set during WWII and Jeeves has a daughter who he and Bertie are raising together. I think there was a story before this when she was a baby but the one I'm looking for is when she is a teenager (or preteen). It had a great theme involving the social boundaries that she was stuck between with her father being a valet while her "Uncle" Bertie paying for school and treating her as his own. Everyone was living on Bertie's estate and they where taking in children from the city.

If it is found I also suggest everyone reading it as it is definitely one of my favorites, at least it was the last time I read it, being a kidfic with realism. And thanks in advance!

Edit: Story Found
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Given that our comm has a set of bookmarks there, I thought this was important info. [livejournal.com profile] seticat has the info here:


We might want to make sure everything on this list is tagged in the comm.
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I found this quite by accident and I'm sure some of you have done so as well, but for those who haven't:

Bertie Wooster: Specialising In The Finest Mens Vintage Savile Row Clothing

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I found this yesterday and [livejournal.com profile] hoskie told me to post it here, so...

"Many well off, and some not so well of, men would always have a man servant who as often as not 'lived' in with their unmarried master. This did not attract any attention and gave plenty of opportunity for semi permanent relationships."


"A popular Turkish bath in Jermyn street was well used by gay customers from around 1838 until the nineteen seventies. Gentlemens' clubs often had baths staffed by attractive young men who would massage and pamper club members. Women of course were never allowed on the premises and this tradition continues today despite sex equality laws."

Hehehe. *happy grin*


Nov. 7th, 2005 02:19 pm
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In my opinion, the more people who request Jooster for Yuletide this year, the better. ^_^

Apparently you can also request Hugh/Stephen this year...


Nov. 4th, 2005 10:22 am
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I come bearing a link, a good link.

[livejournal.com profile] hmcgirl made a video of Hugh falling down or getting punched time and again on the Bit of Fry and Laurie show...
Hugh Laurie, The World's Punching Bag

I think you guys will really like the last guest.
And be sure to watch the very end.


Chapter Two

Nov. 3rd, 2005 04:55 pm
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Chapter Two up and raring to go!


Dashed annoyed at my coursework for english Literature at the mo, great Expectations and Jane Eyre.
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I stuck it in fanfiction.net up book "crossovers" because there was no where else to stick it.
Anywho enjoy!


half hour later...

Opps! try this link (cheers Nora Charles!)

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I made a couple -- or, rather, a fiveple -- of icons. Nothing all that special, but here they are!
Icons )
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Jeeves: Yes, sir?
Bertie: I am not one of those fellows who become absolute slaves to their valets.
Jeeves: No, sir.
Bertie: Well...good. As long as we understand each other.
Jeeves: Perfectly, sir.

Photoshopped in the sense of moving Bertie over a bit and adding a border. Yes, I'm watching the first ep for the first time... total newbie here ^^;
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Hey, everyone!

I found a new story on Slash Cotillion. (OK, it's about two months old, but it's new to me) I don't recall seeing it here, so I hope it's new to all of you. It's called Jeeves Under Fire. The hitch is that it's a WIP, and currently only has one chapter. But trust me when I tell you it is brilliant, with tons of potential (and very cliffhangery, which tugs at my belly) Anyway, read it and if you like it, leave a review, because maybe if there's a sudden influx of demand, she'll write more. Which, trust me, you'll want her to.
ext_1888: Crichton looking thoughtful and a little awed. (maromo)
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Possibly off-topic, but I figured I'd pimp my drawing: Jeeves, looking mildly evil.


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