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I used to frequent this comm on-and-off-again under the username polly_oliver, if anyone remembers that (it's been several years so probably not - I was mostly a commenter rather than a contributor). Revisiting because I've been reading too much darkfic in the most recent fandom to stage a coup in my psyche. Jooster fic is almost invariably good-hearted and funny, like its source material, and I thought it would be the perfect tonic. (I was correct. Thanks guys. ^_^)

Anyway, I remembered a burning desire I'd had years ago in my Wodehouse era, which is that I'd wanted to see Bertie and Jeeves deal with the problem of their professional relationship after moving past the "mutual pining" stage or what-have-you. They do go over it in some fics, but the discussion generally sails pretty smoothly by, and I'd really like to see Bertie get a bit stroppy about it, in a "no but seriously I can't be your employer if we're carrying on, but I can't dismiss you either, what do you mean it doesn't bother you, it should bother you, how do you know I won't abuse my position, why are you smirking at me like that" &c. It's a thorny issue and I'd really like to read Jeeves' take on it, especially if he's somewhat ambivalent about it in theory but not in practice (because who are we kidding, Bertie can be thoughtlessly selfish but he's not cruel).

This prompt got a bit more specific than I was aiming for. I guess if anything about it strikes your fancy, I'm letting you know there's an audience of at least one for your take on it. :D

Or if you can remind me of the fics that already deal with this theme I would love that too. Many thanks!

(Also: hi again! I love this comm, I love its members, I love that it's still running, I love that it's survived the decline of LJ, I love the whole world, and all its gentlemen's personal gentlemen, boom de yada boom de yada, boom de yada boom de yada...)
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Prompt: Idea for a crossover fic

I'm very interested in the idea of a crossover between Jeeves and Bertie and "Boardwalk Empire" (as long as neither Jeeves nor Bertie gets seriously hurt, that is) does anyone want to do this?
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Jeeves and the Auntly Brawl

For the "interruptions" prompt in [livejournal.com profile] fan_flashworks

Jeeves and Wooster
Length: ~3000 words
Pairings: Jeeves and Wooster, Stilton and Daphne Dolores Morehead, Mabel and Biffy Biffen.
Characters: Jeeves, Bertie, Aunt Agatha, Aunt Dahlia, Stilton Cheesewright, Mabel and Biffy Biffen, Mr. Jarvis the Doorman, Sir Roderick Glossop, a couple of random policemen, Lord Chuffnell (mention only)
Prequel: Jeeves and the Only Sensible Plan
Rating: G/PG (more of those boy snuggles and some aunt-on-aunt violence)
Summary: About three weeks after Bertie breaks his arm in the service of Aunt Dahlia, chaos erupts at 3A Berkeley Mansions.
Warnings: Misuse of Milady's Boudoir and Mrs. Beeton's Use of Household Management. Fisticuffs erupt in the sitting room.
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Dear participants,

Welcome to the main organization post.

Timeframe: 20 DEc - 20 Jan

Rules: Fics may be any length and any rating. Jeeves/Wooster pairing is required. Please no crossovers with other fandoms, no serious angst, hurt and NO unhappy ending.

Additional rules for artists: Arts may be drawn on original promts below and/or as illustrations for fest's fics. Also you can take the promt even if it is taken by author

The quantity of works is unrestricted.

Promts )

Please take a promt (or several) and sign up in comments. After that you can start working on your fics and arts.

Thank you!
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1) A drabble is, by definition, a 100-word story therefore all responses should be 100 words exactly, no exceptions.
2) You may also choose to respond to this challenge with a five-minute sketch.
3) PLEASE put the word DRABBLE at the top of your post. That way people can easily spot the drabbles in amongst any reader comments they receive.

RATING: I don't think this should be limited so reader beware that they could be any rating (you could put it in the subject line if you feel it needs it)

PLEASE try to remember to make each drabble a comment in response to the original post. That way, if the comments start to collapse, the drabbles themselves should remain visible. 

Minor Characters

Terriers and bunnies and newts, oh my!

Please tag
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Title: Jeeves and the Weding Bell Blues
Author: Me
Fandom: Jeeves & Wooster
Pairing/characters: Bertie/OFC, Bertie/Jeeves... Stilton/Bertie and Stilton/Jeeves (not at the same time and totally non-icky), Bertie/ Ginger Winship. (My, my Bertie is busy in this little selection)
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Inspiration from a story by Saylee, following a queerfest prompt: (OK, I only followed half of the queerfest prompt that she followed): Bertie ends up in a sexual situation with a woman for the first time, with disastrous results. In fact, he found the whole affair rather distasteful. 
Summary: In fact, Bertie winds up ... (gasp) ...  married, and to a beazel who makes Florence Craye look like a fuzzy bunny.  Whatever is he going to do? 
Warnings: Bertie gets a bit bunged up. Jeeves messes up big... really big...time. Stilton pinches, but not in a mean way.

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Not sure if this is completely allowed but I'm posting on behalf of both myself and [livejournal.com profile] fleaflyfo.

We have been discussing a particular Jeeves/Wooster AU in which they are on the Titanic. Now, this thing would require a sad ending and I cannot write sad ending stories, and so we both decided that the good and talented people at IndeedSir might be the ones to appeal to.

We have some notes of things we want to see. Small things, but we just can't write this one. If anyone's thinking of writing this, we'll forward the ideas to you.

Is anyone interested?

EDIT: upon further review, the lady and I have thought maybe there can be a sad/happy one? There was one fic I read where there was a sad version and also a happy version? Would that be more likely then?

EDIT AGAIN: OK, so fleaflyfo and I have decided on a super angsty yet no deathy (ha) story. And since there is no death and no particularly sad ending, I can write it. Um, so thank you. Go about your business. :)
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What ho lads!
I had this idea for long time-when they began aired Downton Abbey 1 and 2 in our country/which is still shock to meXD/
And plus thanks to tais3izz for prompt!!!!

Now I updated a few soft watercolor illustrations with Bertie/Crawley´s sisters scenes and one with ThomasXD

The main entrance is here )
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Hi all! It would seem that claiming is currently underway for prompts over at [livejournal.com profile] queer_fest. There are a number of prompts for our lovely fandom, and I'm dying to see some of them written. I've claimed a prompt myself, which I hope will kickstart my writing again.


Jan. 29th, 2012 06:18 pm
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I say, has there already been any crossover with Downton Abbey universe?
Because well, of course, the territory is not a new one for Bertie (Totleigh Towers yeh?)
But it just occured to me, that he could come and visit the Crawleys.
As there no other sisters left, so - to meet Lady Edith, what? )
And the reason why I really thought of a crossover is Thomas, who could:- hit on Bertie, or find smth out about Jeeves and blackmail him)
Thought I would write about this idea here,not in the Downton Abbey community,where they may not find it appropriate)
Feel free to use the idea)
ext_502975: I am a fair dictator. (Japanese Magnolia dark)
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I have a plot!bunnie for adoption.
I was re-watching a favorite anime of mine: Ghost Stories (even if you don't like anime I recommend it. The English dubbing is ALL parody and hilarious) and thought about Bertie being a sort of exorcist in school, thus explaining his winning the Scripture Prize fairly.
The ghosts could be more active during Bertie's childhood because of the industrial era and all the vessels the ghosts and demons were banished too are being demolished and setting them free.
Any takers?
Yes? No?
Maybe so?
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The basic gist is that you give me a fandom to attempt crossing over with Jeeves and Wooster, and get a snippet of said crossover in return. More details can be found here, if anyone is interested.

If you're not sure if I'm familiar with a fandom, you have only to ask.

(And if I've got the tags wrong, let me know, yes? I hate tagging in new communities, I never know if I'm going to bunk something up. *frets*)
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Hello, Jooster fans!

I've made up the plotbunny and would like to offer it to you. Maybe someone will find it attractive to write. I'd be truly glad about it!

AU, modern time. Jeeves is an antiquarian, and Bertie owns a small modern art gallery (family business). Bingo (a very bad portrait-painter) has been having an affair with Bertie for some time, but they break off after Bertie catches Bingo with a female model. Bertie is very upset and goes to the nearest bar. In ten minutes a handsome dark-haired man joins to him - he feels too lonely and wants to get drunk first time in
his life.
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Anybody interested in some theme writing? I ran across something that gave me a fully fleshed out plot rabbit the instant I saw it and wondered if it would do the same for anyone else. I'm typing slowly, so it'll take me a while to get it written, plenty of time for other plot bunnies to mature! Say, Sept. 30? I'm just kind of interested to see where other people take this, maybe we add a new tag to the comm.

see what I'm talking about )
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There is a Multifandom Suit and Uniform Kinkmeme starting up. I think our favorite gentleman and his gentleman's gentleman would be, erm, suitable subjects for this one!

Pure Fluff

Jun. 14th, 2011 08:35 pm
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Here are two tiny mini ficlets inspired by songs that came up on shuffle on my iPod. I'm apparently in a thoroughly soppy mood.

Title: Solace
Author: Wotwotleigh
Pairing: Biffy/Mabel
Rating: G
Words: 164
Summary: Jeeves is a good uncle.
Disclaimer: Jeeves, Bertie et al. belong to P. G. Wodehouse. I just wrote this for fun.
Author's Notes: Inspired by Solace (written by Scott Joplin, 1909; performed by Richard Zimmerman, 1970s?)


Read more... )

Title: Somebody Loves Me
Author: Wotwotleigh
Pairing: Unspecified. I'll leave it up to you. ;)
Rating: G
Words: 81
Summary: Bertie is not above a little soppiness now and again. He also lives dangerously.
Disclaimer: Jeeves, Bertie et al. belong to P. G. Wodehouse. I just wrote this for fun.
Author's Notes: Inspired by Somebody Loves Me (George Gershwin, 1924. Performed by Marion Harris, 1924).


Read more... )

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Where exactly in London did our two chaps live? Correct me if I´m wrong but I think it was Berkeley Square and today I´ve stumbled across this http://www.zurichmansion.org/parks/50.html
A haunted house in Berkeley Square? Has anyone already written a story about that? Or do I smell a plot bunny here?
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There are only a few days left to submit prompts for the next [livejournal.com profile] smallfandomfest. I've submitted a couple of ideas for Jeeves & Wooster, but there's room for a lot more.

Info on how to submit prompts, how to view the spreadsheet, etc. )
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A really interesting discussion has been going on in the comments on my fic A Butler's Advice regarding Bertie and his sometimes-antagonistic relationship with his family, but also some speculation about Bertie's parents and his relationship (or lack thereof) with them.

Bertie rarely says anything about his parents and never talks about their deaths, as I recall. There has been some speculation that he was probably closer to the servants who raised him than to either his parents or his aunts. What would have been "normal" for someone of Bertie's social class at the time? We know he spent a lot of time away at school. When, how and why would Bertie's parents have died? How do you think he reacted?

What does everyone here think? What's fanon opinion and what, if anything, have people written about it in their stories?

If this results in any fics (perhaps you could consider this a story prompt as well as a discussion prompt), I think that would be fantastic!
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What ho, all!  I don't know if this is allowed, since I'm new here and all, but....  If it's not, just let me know and I'll be good from now on.  *innocent face*

I have two reasons for defying my usual Proud Lurker status.  1. Introduce myself.  Hence the 'what ho, all' at the beginning of the post.  Ahem, I'm waseom, I'm 24, I'm a girl.  That covers the pertinent information, yes?

2.  I have a plot bunny I don't want.  I feel really bad about this, as it's a rather cute little bunny, as opposed to the rabid Monty Python and the Holy Grail-type monster plot bunnies that usually have their fangs in me.  However, as cute as it may be, I don't have time to write it, so I thought I would offer it up to one of the brilliant minds here.

The premise is this:  During an otherwise pleasant sexual encounter, Bertie displays a here-to-fore unknown phobia of being tied down.  As Bertie agreed to this beforehand, Jeeves is understandably confused.  They must work to get to the bottom of Bertie's issues.

And that's that.  Very simple.  I had vague ideas of it somehow being Aunt Agatha's fault (because everything is Aunt Agatha's fault), but nothing really coalesced out of the ether, and of course if anyone adopts it they can take it in whatever direction they please.  Any takers?  *pathetic pleading face*


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