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I have a plot!bunnie for adoption.
I was re-watching a favorite anime of mine: Ghost Stories (even if you don't like anime I recommend it. The English dubbing is ALL parody and hilarious) and thought about Bertie being a sort of exorcist in school, thus explaining his winning the Scripture Prize fairly.
The ghosts could be more active during Bertie's childhood because of the industrial era and all the vessels the ghosts and demons were banished too are being demolished and setting them free.
Any takers?
Yes? No?
Maybe so?
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Title: Jeeves Replies
Author: Wotwotleigh
Pairing: Bertie/Pauline (but the story is pretty gen)
Rating: G
Words: 820-something
Summary: Jeeves replies to Rosie's letter.
Disclaimer: Jeeves, Bertie et al. belong to P. G. Wodehouse. I just wrote this for fun.
Author's Notes: This is the companion piece to my other little epistolary ficlet, Dear Mr. Jeeves. I don't know why, but this was far, far more difficult to write than the previous installment, which basically wrote itself. I'm still not entirely satisfied with it. [livejournal.com profile] erynn999  has also written her own wonderful version of Jeeves's reply, which is here.

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Title: Dear Mr. Jeeves
Author: Wotwotleigh
Pairing: Bertie/Pauline (but the story is pretty gen)
Rating: G
Words: 1,093
Summary: A young lady writes a letter to Jeeves.
Disclaimer: Jeeves, Bertie et al. belong to P. G. Wodehouse. I just wrote this for fun.
Author's Notes: This little ficlet was inspired by recent discussion of Bertie as an unreliable narrator here and in the comments to Erynn999's fic "A Butler's Advice". No slash in this one.


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A bit of Hellsing crossover art :)

From the same continuity as these comics, in which Jeeves ends up raising and training Walter Dornez: future valet extraordinaire, present-day pint-size vampire hunter.

This is slightly in the future of the books, and a few years before the onset of WWII. Jeeves and Wooster have been a couple for some time now, although Jeeves still has a way of slipping back into "sir" at tense moments. Like so:

'Was that a tie, sir?' )

Part Seven

Jan. 31st, 2010 06:48 pm
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Title: Jeeves and the Christmas Charity
Chapter: Seven
Author: Pip
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Summary: A consummation devoutly to be wished.
Rating: PG

Horridly sorry this took exactly a month to work through due to a series of rather inexplicable events, but at least here it is, finally done with and out of my brain.
For the lovely and fabulous [livejournal.com profile] reginaldrobot on their birthday. Ever so many lovely wishes and butterflies!
Feedback is cuddled and fondled until dawn  appreciated ;).

Here we go!
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The last and longest piece will be up soon--tonight if I have things my way. It's taking too long to get my old lappy back and I've had to rewrite these chapters by memory, in case someone cared.

Title:Jeeves and the Christmas Charity
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
PG for ANGST and Holmesian references.
Summary: Bertie and Jeeves hold a confrontation, and go in search of the much-loved missing miscreant.

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*shuffles in*
No point in leaving this around to rot, I suppose.
I mean, I've already started it and all... and posted it here.
And if it's a wee bit  significantly after Yuletide, what of it?

Title:Jeeves and the Christmas Charity
Chapters:Four &Five
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Summary: Jeeves and Bertie draw some boundaries about breaking borders, and a household decision is reached in regards to the newcommer;  Bertie mulls over a rumour, and Jeeves breaks the bad news.

Part Four!
Part Five!

Hopefully last part(s) will be posted between tonight &tomorrow.

Part three!

Jan. 1st, 2010 11:59 pm
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I know we're probably all recovering from the New Year's festivities, what? Still, here's something to keep your mind off the smell of vomit and vodka...

Title:Jeeves and the Christmas Charity
Chapter: Three
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Conflict arises regarding Bertie's distance to Charity, and Jeeves smells trouble on the horizon. A consummation is reached, to make for a most amusing holiday.

Come here, little ones, and fear not.

Raise your hand if you used the famous hangover cure this morning: *raises hand*. Hope you lovlies all had a fabulous New Year's!
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Hallo hallo hallo.
In these final moments before the end of the year, (or perhaps, in the beginning of the year, depending on where you are) I'd like to impart to you the beginning, and middle, and soon, the end, of a very, very, very belated Yuletide fic xD.

Jeeves and the Christmas Charity
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
For once, Jeeves is in a pickle, and Bertie does his best to help out. Mostly fluff with minor angst to come.

Part I
Part II
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The debut of my Infinite Universes of Jeeves and Wooster AU series.

Title: One, Two, Three
Rating: R(?)
Summary:  A serious Jooster Mpreg, seriously.  It's made of grief and strife, pain and love.
Word Count: About 7,000 including the three endings.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
A/N:  I play around a little with the idea of class and taboo.  The Mpreg makes sense and is fairly realistic and believable, trust me.  The best part of this fic are my three endings.  You are forced to read through all of them.  Why this came to mind and why exactly i ignored two frat parties and two reading assignments to write this is beyond me.  But here it is.  Try it.  It's cool. 

Endings: (all of them are linked at the end of each bit)
And then there was one (sad, short)
And then there were two (depression, medium-short)
And the baby makes three (happy, long)

Here's the fic
This is a story about Robbie... )

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Here is my second fic for [livejournal.com profile] iambic5's rarely-written-about-characters challenge!

Title: An Ambitious Lad's Guide to Collecting Antique Silver
Author: [livejournal.com profile] woe_in_a_hoodie
Rating: PG-13 for sexual references.
Warnings: None, really, aside from tacit love affairs between respectable Englishmen. Also, references to events in The Code of the Woosters.
Pairing: Tom Travers/Watkyn Bassett.
Summary: Canon tells us that old Tom Travers and Sir Watkyn Bassett, CBE, are friends/enemies who snipe at each other constantly and steal each other's prized silver artifacts. They seem to have known each other for a long while; since childhood, perhaps, and perhaps their rivalry runs far deeper than that of other collectors...

( Follow the fake cut! )
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Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I have no claim on the lovely works of Wodehouse.

This is a sequel to The Complications.

Part 1

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OK I am usually not a big person for OC bu I had a few requests for how Bertie and Jeeves would handle a child after The Complications fic, so I did this. Hope it brings some closure!

The Complications

Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I have no claim on the lovely works of Wodehouse.

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Title: Even When Young.
Author: [livejournal.com profile] zekkass.
Rating: G.
Disclaimer: I own nothing!
Summary: Even as a little boy, Jeeves looked out for Bertie.
Notes: Written for [livejournal.com profile] jestana at [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic. I liked it, and she liked it, so I figured I'd share it here. Enjoy!

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It's not as bizarre as it sounds, I swear.

Title: All Things
Pairing: Jeeves + Wooster friendship
Rating: G
Warnings: kid!fic, death (possible spoiler there)
Disclaimer: Owned? Not really, no.
Summary: Jeeves and Wooster meet for the very first time as children.

If you would please follow me to the story, sir.


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