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Have this thing that looks like it belongs on a vintage tin of mints, and some other little scribbles under the cut.

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Today, while struggling with the next part of my WIP of doom, I felt compelled to take out some of my creative frustrations on some canon material. Here are a couple of sketches of Aunt Dahlia, inspired by Code of the Woosters.


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Title: A Deuced Difficult Dilemma

Chapter: 9/?

Pairing: Bertie/OFC, Bertie/Jeeves

Summary: Bertie is dismayed to find that he rather likes the latest girl that Aunt Agatha is egging him on to marry.

Rating: G (so far)

Words: 1,830-ish

Disclaimer: None of Wodehouse's characters belong to me. I'm just writing this for fun.

The new chapter is here. The rest of the story is here, in case you want to refresh your memory (or haven't seen any of it before).

Yikes, it's been roughly a year since I updated this story. Whoops! I've put all my stuff other stuff up on AO3 as well, in case you want to check out the rest of my writings
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I wrote a silly little drabble. It's my first Jeeves fic and nothing much, but it was fun to write. Here are the basic details on it:

Title: Summary
Characters & Pairings: Bertie Wooster, Dahlia Travers, and Reginald Jeeves
Rating & Warnings: All Audiences
Word Count: 232
Summary: "Did I ever tell you about the time..."

You can read the fic here at the [livejournal.com profile] day_by_drabble community for which it was written based on the prompt "Resolution".

Also, I hope this doesn't sound like too much of an annoying ad, but [livejournal.com profile] day_by_drabble is awesome! They run periodic month-long challenges with a prompt a day and people post fics of up to 1000 words from any and all fandoms (except real person fic). Since it is for all kinds of short fic, it is a really easy way to try out new fandoms, get some new ideas for old fandoms, or just have a little quick fun. The current set is running from Jan. 15 to Feb. 15 so if anyone is interested, there's plenty of time to join in. I think this is the first Jeeves fic posted there and I'd love to see more, but, as I said, they take any fandom. The basic information for the current drabblethon is here.
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Title: Dahlia and the Diamond Thief
Author: Wotwotleigh
Chapter: 1/1
Pairing: Jeeves/Bertie (mild pre-slash stuff)
Rating: PG
Words: About 5,900
Summary: Aunt Dahlia tells Bertie a surprising story about Jeeves's past.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. I'm just writing this for fun.
Author's Notes: This is in response to the Yule fic prompt, "pre-series Aunt Dahlia meeting a young Jeeves." Enjoy, mysterious prompter! 

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Compelled by the unholy powers of Aunts, our hero and his valet head to the capital metropolis . . .

Title: Canterlot Follies
Fandom: MLP FIM and Jeeves & Wooster
Chapter: 2 of ?
Pairing: Background characters
Genre: Humor / comedy. :D
Summary: Jeeves and Wooster. And they are ponies.
Rating: G or PG
Words: 4598
Previous Chapters:
Chapter 1

Onto the lj-cut!

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Hello, fellow fans! I am writing a crossover, a crossover involving Jeeves & Wooster and *mumble mumble*.

What? You didn't hear me? I quite plainly said Jeeves & Wooster and *mumble mumble*.

Now look here, I distinctly--okay, it's ponies, all right? It's a crossover with My Little Pony. Prepare to be amazed and terrified!!

Title: Canterlot Follies
Chapter: 1 of ?
Pairing: Some background ponies. (Lyra / Bon Bon.)
Genre: Humor / comedy. :D
Summary: Birdy, of the noble and laureled house of Rooster, finds himself travelling to the capitol city of Canterlot (compelled, of course, by the unholy powers of aunts) to steal a rare artifact and bolster the reputation of his odious cousin, August Blueblood (son of his terrifying aunt, Agate Blueblood). With the advice of his new valet, Greaves, he might just succeed . . . but can the two come to terms over a deep disagreement on whether purple silverware is appropriate for a gentlecolt?
Rating: G or PG
Words: 6,117
Disclaimer: I brought in elements of both J&W and MLP and blended them, but tried to provide a little explanation for those not familiar with one or the other. The "gala incident" that plagues Birdy's cousin was in this MLP episode, but you don't really have to watch it to follow the fic. (It's a really funny ep, though!)

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I don't know if noogies existed yet in the 1910s, but if they did, I'm positive that the young Aunt Dahlia would be a confirmed noogier. Again, totally G-rated.
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Hallo all.

Well, I promised a Chapter Six to 'What Aunt Dahlia Saw' would be up soon. I may have failed on the 'soon' part, but here it is, finally. When I made the promise, I had it mostly written - but I had to fill in some gaps, and it got tricky.

Here are links to other chapters:

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five

Title: What Aunt Dahlia Saw: Chapter Six - Final Night at Brinkley Court
Author: bertiebwriting
Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster
Rating: G
Wordcount: 4842
Warnings: Slash
Summary: A continuation of my 'What Aunt Dahlia Saw' series. The title says it all.

Follow the cut to read more! Chapter Six )
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Hullo, all! Here's a little fic. Actually, this is a sequel to my earlier fic, What Aunt Dahlia Saw - New Year's Eve.

Title: What Aunt Dahlia Saw: Chapter Two - New Year's Day
Pairing: Jeeves & Wooster
Rating: G
Summary: Aunt Dahlia decides it's time she had a talk with that nephew of hers.

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Okay. Here's a little Jooster for the New Year. It's a little romance, Bertie/Jeeves centric of course, but from the POV of Aunt Dahlia.

Title: What Aunt Dahlia Saw: Chapter One - New Year' Eve
Pairing: Jeeves & Wooster
Rating: G - nothing too racy.
Summary: Aunt Dahlia starts to wonder just what is going on with those two.

I'm sorry, in advance, that this isn't too brilliant. I think it has its moments, but it's not that great in structure. Please forgive! I rushed, wanting to get it posted in time for New Year's Day as a little gift to you all. Hope you enjoy it in spite of its failings.

I'm aware that some of the canon events I refer to may not have occurred in the order I imply.

Thanks, everyone, for this great community! Happy New Year to all!

[Author's note 11-5-09: This fic has been slightly edited for errors, and I've tightened a couple of weak spots up.]


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