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What Ho Ho Ho. Happy H's and what have you.
Here's two little silly things that I feebly offer up for the holiday season, a fanmix and a spot of art. Not that either of them are particularly ChristmaHannukahKwanzaa-ish, but you know. 'Tis the season and all that.

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By request, here's the download link for the period music fanmix.

As a bonus, here's another song: Bing Crosby - “I Like To Do Things For You”. (YouTube link here.) It's perfect for Jeeves. I found it well after compiling the mix but didn't want to create a 2nd zip file to add it in. And I figured it would be better for those who already have the mix to be able to downlaod this song separately rather than get the entire mix again just for one new song.
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Mini jamboree!  Music things! Quickfics to make you laugh, cry and regret! Fun for the whole family you! 
Title: None, Sir, None! Title-less! Without a Title! 
Pairings: Bingo/OFC; Jeeves/Wooster; Holmes/Watson; Lestat/Louis.
Summary: Chandeliers! Vampires! Thieves! Beatles! 
Warnings: Briefest reference to Perry Como. Yes you may shield your eyes. 
Rating: PG ish.

Here, hare, here!
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Okay so I was trying my hand at one of those writing-from-a-song meme things as an exercise and... came up with these...

Some are just the most utter tosh, and me trying to get the phrasing and characterizing-type-stuff down. I hope they bring even just a little amusement. :)

Feedback is like water.

And, I haven't forgotten any of the other things I was doing here on LJ... they're just comming a bit slower with courses being courses.

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I was asked to reupload my period fanmix, so here's the new link. And here's the old track listing.

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I've been sharing some of the Jooster-flavored goodness of mine, and that I've had shared with me by others in this community, and it's come around like the best kind of "pay it forward" process and I've gotten more goodies.  From someone who's not even a Jeeves & Wooster addict!  *grin*  I know, amazing.

He sent me some music and this comment about it:
"My favourite bits of your Jeeves and Wooster mix have been making the rounds, and finding echo. So far I've received the theme of the series, and several versions of "Topsy" a jazz standard which was notionally supposed to be the show's theme, but allegedly ran into copyright trouble and was eventually abandoned, though not before some "Sounds a hell of a lot like..." circumspections were tried.
Seems to me there's still a good deal of Topsy in the theme itself."

So, see below what he sent, and what I'm sharing with you, lovely and talented Jeeves & Wooster Fans.

Jeeves & Wooster Theme

This is supposed to be two versions of the same piece:
Topsy #1 - Count Basie
Topsy #2 - Count Basie

Fairly obvious, I guess.
Topsy - Benny Goodman

Now, I listened to the two Count Basie versions when I got them and I'm reasonably sure they were different, but I was quite sleepy at the time and may have had sleep dep dain bramage, so let me know if they're identical and I'll snip one out.

Enjoy, friends & neighbors.

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What-ho, Ladies & Gents!

I mentioned last time I shared music that I'd have some more.
Here it is!   If some of these have already been shared, I'm sorry for the redundancy.
Music, Music, Tralala! )

(Just a note - if you listen to "Pass The Biscuits Mirandy" while looking at Mr. Cleese gyrate up there in my icon, it looks like he's dancing to it, almost.)
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Some others have graciously shared music of the era/flavor of that in which Wodehouse has set many of his stories, in particular the Jeeves & Wooster stories, and I'd like to add to the bounty.  I've also found a few other pieces that are other versions of some of the same songs that have been shared, as well as some new works.  I'll likely share some of them, too.  I'm building a lovely play list to listen to when I'm working on Jooster fic and I'd be surprised if there aren't some others with similar notions.

These two songs are from the soundtrack of the movie "Amelie" which I absolutely love.
Since I've had my head buried in ficcing, it's colored a lot of other things.  I'd, of course, heard them many times before, but suddenly, when I was listening to the soundtrack while writing, I realized these just had to go in my Jooster Mix.  So, I'm offering them to any who want to add them to their own mixes.

Guilty (Russ Columbo)  This couldn't be MORE Jooster if it tried.

Si Tu N'Étais Pas Là (Frehel)  I'm seeing a trip to Paris for Bertie and Jeeves, of course they've got to go out to a nightclub, right?  This might be one of the stage acts, non?

Please let me know if the links don't work or there's something otherwise askew.

Thanks, coves & fillies, and enjoy.

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I dunno what else to say, except you can find the fanmix and song-related drabbles here!

Drabbles are super short and range from fluff to angst. Enjoy. :3

Oh Look!

Oct. 1st, 2006 06:08 pm
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I made a Jeeves/Bertie fanmix! It's right here!

Tinkerty-tonk. ^_^

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It's a Bertie-themed fanmix, for your listening pleasure. Oh, and it's my first go at this. I hope you like it.

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