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Hullo everyone,

I just had a small question; I was considering (and in the works, halfheartedly so,) making a twitter account dedicated to Jeeves and Wooster, posting quotes from the books, prompt ideas, screencaps from the show, theories that people could respond to, making polls such as 'Which of Bertie's chaps is he closest to?' and 'Which of these characters had more of an impact on Bertie Wooster's life?' and many others, but I'm not quite sure the audience it would grab as Twitter, although huge for some fandoms, is not always preferred by some.

Would this interest any of you wonderful birds? If so, please leave a comment so I can have an idea if I should finalize my little personal project. If not, you can also leave a comment as to why you wouldn't, I swear you won't offend me, I just have known Twitter to be a good place to make friends and bond quite well with many!

Date: 2017-03-15 12:03 am (UTC)
ext_1888: Crichton looking thoughtful and a little awed. (my fandom has been co-opted by corporate)
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Sure, go for it! Though during the recent Buffy celebration on Twitter, it seemed like the stuff that happened a lot was ranking of favorite episodes, Top Five lists -- stuff that could fit in a tweet, basically. So you may want to gear your posts to that. As well as to maybe sharing art or media that people may not have seen recently. But yeah, I'd follow you!


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