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Saw the images recently posted and thought of this. I only have a paint program, so ignore the background and consider the joke.

An Angel on one shoulder, a devil on the other, but in his case you get to pick which is which ;)

Though, on review, I notice they're still more interested in each other than the bezel!

where I stole the shot

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some caption a uber awesome person done for me xD she not a fan of Jeeves & Wooster but finds my fangirl-ness amusing

not sure what tags to place it under... :O

I hope you lot don't mind the spam :3
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I found the perfect screencap that is just tout de Jeeves. The quintessential Jeeves stance and everything.

So based on my previous icon post, I thought of making the screencap into a banner/poster thing.

title or description

Fun times, yes?
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Hi everyone! I have made screencaps of an old show called Happy Families that Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie were in. They act rather slashy so I thought this community would appreciate me sharing the link. They're over here at my journal. :)

Mods, if this isn't on-topic enough, feel free to delete.
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Here it is, the final screencap post! Sorry I was so slow to get these last two posts done. Anyway, enjoy! :)

The Ties that Bind (96 MB, 1989 caps).

And in case you missed some uploads, here's the link to the folder with all of the screencaps.

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At long last, I bring screencaps of Trouble at Totleigh Towers (88 MB, 1810 caps). Enjoy! :D

LJ ate a chunk of my captions just when I was all ready to post it, so I had to redo a bunch. D: Luckily I remembered most of it!

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I'm finally getting around to posting the next episode. I don't know when the next one will be; I'm super busy right now. Anyway, enjoy!

The Delayed Arrival (97 MB, 1963 caps)

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Bridegroom Wanted! (93 MB, 1967 caps).

Sorry if the captions are boring this time, nothing much jumped out at me.

In which Bertie practises his kissing skills )

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Life's getting busy again, so these posts are coming more slowly. Oh well, only a few more episodes to do!

The Once and Future Ex (91 MB, 1874 caps).

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I'm finally getting around to posting the next episode! I hope you enjoy. :)

Return to New York (107 MB, 1983 caps)

I feel like these are my worst captions yet, but you guys always seem to like them anyway and I'm too tired to tell anymore, lol. But I apologize in advance if they're really bad. XD

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I thought I'd just add to the high level of activity around here lately. :) Here are screencaps from series 3, episode 6: Comrade Bingo (69 MB, 1645 caps). This is the episode with the "chummy" slash, and lots of Bertie injuring.

And, like I do when I get to the end of a series, here is a link to all the screencaps I've done so far.

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Hello again everyone! I bring screencaps from series 3, episode 5: Hot Off the Press (64 MB, 1500 caps). I ended up deleting more caps than usual because so many of them were dark and blurry. There are still some in the folder that probably should have been deleted as well. Not the best lighting in this episode! Oh well, there are still some pretty caps. :)

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It's screencap time!

Right Ho, Jeeves (91 MB, 1734 caps)

This took me ages to finish, and I don't think it's that great. Oh well, enjoy!

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This will probably be the last of these posts for a few days.

Introduction on Broadway ( 84 MB, 1673 caps).

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Time for another New York episode! I know someone was requesting screencaps of Bertie and Jeeves playing the piano a while ago, so at long last here they are! :)

The Full House (87 MB, 1832 caps)

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Hi everyone! Here are screencaps from series 3, episode1: Bertie Sets Sail (85 MB, 1922 caps).

I don't know why, but I had trouble coming up with captions this time. So don't expect too much. :P

Also, you can probably tell by now that I really like Tuppy. 

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Here are the screencaps from the last episode of series 2: Jeeves the Matchmaker (87 MB, 1843 caps). And here's the link to the folder with all the caps I've done so far, in case someone's missed an episode or two.

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I am mainly a lurker in this lovely community, however I got a sudden urge to post some screencaps from the episode four of season four: Arrested in a night club. Because it has Jeeves and Bertie in frocks.

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Want some more? :D Here are the screencaps for series 2, episode 5: Kidnapped! (83 MB, 1671 caps)

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