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Hullo everyone,

I just had a small question; I was considering (and in the works, halfheartedly so,) making a twitter account dedicated to Jeeves and Wooster, posting quotes from the books, prompt ideas, screencaps from the show, theories that people could respond to, making polls such as 'Which of Bertie's chaps is he closest to?' and 'Which of these characters had more of an impact on Bertie Wooster's life?' and many others, but I'm not quite sure the audience it would grab as Twitter, although huge for some fandoms, is not always preferred by some.

Would this interest any of you wonderful birds? If so, please leave a comment so I can have an idea if I should finalize my little personal project. If not, you can also leave a comment as to why you wouldn't, I swear you won't offend me, I just have known Twitter to be a good place to make friends and bond quite well with many!
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So here's another probably futile quest: Anyone have any recordings of Martin Jarvis' Jeeves Live radio shows?
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How do Claude and Eustace differ from each other? I recently reread The Inimitable Jeeves, and I tried to figure out what their differences are. They are similar in many ways so it's hard to tell. Does anyone have any ideas about what sets them apart?

Perhaps Claude is the more daring because he lifted a top hat from a passing car and stole a cigarette case? Eustace introduces their pal Rainsby to Bertie and usually explains their plans, so he might be more talkative than Claude? I'm really not sure though.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated :)
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What-ho, folks whom I ask lots of questions of as of late. (So glad this comm is still around. It's been what, ten years? Good times. God, I'm old.)

So, I don't know much about the British class system, or the British class system in the late-1800s-1920s, or about that time period in general -- you get the picture.

My question: is there anything -- his accent, vocabulary, I have no idea -- that marks Jeeves as belonging to a different class than Bertie (and to a different class than servants below him on the hierarchy)? Are there "tells" that would be obvious to someone who grew up in that society?
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All right, now that LJ's pretty much dead, I hate to be that person clogging up the community, but: I realize we have a fair number of fanfic writers here. Any tips for getting better at writing Bertie's POV? (Besides "read the canon," which, obviously.) It's really difficult. I like that it's difficult, but... it's difficult. There's a rhythm to it that you can get a handle on with enough exposure, but that's only one of the many ingredients, you know?

Someone on FFA came up with a great cheat sheet: http://fail-fandomanon.dreamwidth.org/224200.html?thread=1245701320#cmt1245701320

...but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask here as well. I mean, it doesn't help that Wodehouse was a genius, was making up a fair bit of the slang (or so I heard), and that there are constant allusions to books I've never read (the Bible is really dry, okay?).

One pattern is that he's more expansive in his narrative voice but more clipped in his dialogue. If you have any observations that helped you as you wrote, feel free to share!


Nov. 8th, 2016 01:05 pm
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At another den of iniquity I frequent, someone (not me, I'm a flake) organized a Jeeves & Wooster read-along. Would anyone be interested in doing such a thing here? Like, once a week we could do however many chapters seems wise, there'd be a post, people would comment... Or maybe this could be a thing to try over on Imzy? Thoughts?
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I went back as far as skip?=120 in the questions tag and feel like that's enough for any sane person, but I still apologize if this has been asked before:

Does Bertie ever refer to Madeline Bassett as "Maddy" in the stories, or is this just fanon from the By Jeeves musical? I just did a quick search through a bunch of Jeeves Omnibuses I have in ebook form, and I only see her referred to as Madeline. IS MY ENTIRE LIFE A LIE?
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Has anybody seen the "By Jeeves" musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber? I'm not sure that I saw it mentioned here as I joined the fray rather late, as it is.
I'd have loved to see a Jeeves musical live, especially "Perfect Nonsense" which I once heard being called 'saucy' or something of the sort (a good article here) - but the dates didn't correspond to when I would be able to get away to see it, so I had to drop the idea. :(

You can get the "By Jeeves" musical on DVD, and while I do love it, I have to admit that there is a LOT of crack-y situations that make me roll my eyes; where Florence and Honoria mistook Bertie climbing through their window in a pig mask as a real pig, and the finale where everyone is dressed up as a Wizard of Oz character...

There is one song that I love, called "That was nearly us", a duet between sweet Bertie and Honoria Glossop. You can listen to it on Spotify and YouTube, though I don't have a link to speak of right now. The lyrics are hilarious, as is the more and more feverish and passionate way that Honoria persits despite Bertie's nervousness, and at one point Honoria calls him a "hot-blooded heterosexual"! At this, Bertie sounds perplexed and embarrassed, bless him!
Those two adjectives could certainly be wasted on poor Bertie, and I'm sure Indeed Sir could back me up on that one!
Do you think that was Sir Lloyd Webber employing a little in-joke about Bertie's sexual orientation to his lyrics, or could it be exaggerating Bertie's constant stream of engagements, as some people do interpret him as being a womanizer?

Also, has anybody seen a Jeevesian musical in person? How was it?!
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Hello, all - I'm a bit bored and wanted some discussion, so apologies in advance if this topic has already come up in the past. Also, there is a warning for those that are squeamish about horror-like topics.

I've read a fanfiction called "Let There Be No More Marriages" by malacophilous (and I hope the author won't mind me posting this here!), as well as a fanart of an extremely terrifying Jeeves preparing the rid his young master of yet another beazel. Being a horror fan on the side of a P.G. Wodehouse fluff fan, they really caught my eye. It's inspired me to think of a little plot line for a dark future fanfic, set out in an Agatha Christie-like murder mystery style, but still in Bertie's voice.

But what I wanted to know is, if Jeeves had to murder somebody, how would he go about it? Obviously he would be as neat and prim as possible, making sure no evidence was left behind at the scene of the crime, being Jeeves - but I'm struggling to think of something completely Jeevesian... The horror-lover within me wants to write something gory and covered in blood, but perhaps Jeeves is above being a knife-weilding maniac? *cough* Brinkley *cough*

What I've thought of so far are the following possible methods;
1) Poison in the tea (but the problem with this is that my story is going to be set at Woollam Chersey, so maybe I'd need a reason for Jeeves to be serving the tea?).
2) Bloody murder in a carefully prepared bathroom (e.g. he locks the victims in, covers the floor with a shower curtain, and then wraps the body up in it, and disposes of the evidence).

And aside from that, I found a really interesting internet article about "confirmed bachelors"! This somewhat leads me to believe that P.G. Wodehouse did have even a tiny inkling of how Bertie sounded. What do you think? :)
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Just had a thought. Did Wodehouse ever share what Lord Yaxley's (George Wooster's) title is? A baron, earl, marquis?

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Hi, sorry if this is not allowed, but I am writing a story inspired by Jeeves and Bertie and I'm having trouble finding some information I could really use, and I thought maybe people here might know or know in which direction to point me. I was wondering about laundry-presumably that was part of Jeeves' job or did he send it out anywhere to be cleaned? Also, what were funeral practices like in 1930s Britain? Thanks so much!
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Am I delusional or did Bertie once describe himself as being 'safe in taxis'?
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If any of you've heard of dark_agenda's Racebending Revenge challenge, it's been on my mind to do something like that. I know that Bertie's dialogue is very much reflective of his status as rich and white, but what about a black Jeeves? That's the closest I can keep it in the time period; obviously in most other fandoms we could transplant them to other times or place, but in this case it'd be made more difficult because of Wodehouse's slang.

Link (for those who need screenreaders): http://dark-agenda.dreamwidth.org/7371.html

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The lovely Finmagik gave me maintainer/moderator rights on the Wodehouse Kink Meme - OhIDoSay - and I know there hasn't been a lot of activity there lately, but I was thinking maybe folks just needed to be reminded about it. Possibly due to the inactivity, people gave up - understandable - but I'd like to suggest folks toddle over and take a gander at the prompts unfilled thus far, see if they spark your Muses.

[livejournal.com profile] rathanylakan had started a filled post and was doing beautifully, but stopped when someone else started tracking the fills, I believe. However, that was on the community [livejournal.com profile] toodlepipsigner started up for fills to posted - OhYouDoSayDoYou, but that's not the Kink Meme, so it would still be a useful thing to have if we get more traffic on the Kink Meme.

So, if you've never been there, do have a look; if you have been there and got discouraged, have another look; and if you see anything that a maintainer/moderator can do to spiff the place up, let me know and I'll try.

POTENTIAL IDEAS (offer a comment if you have one):

[] Maybe a poll to see if there's any interest?

[] Post a brand new Prompt Post, though certainly allow for the previous unfilled prompts to be filled.

[] Update the Filled Prompts list.

[] Update the Unfilled Prompts list.


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Hello hello, it's me again!

I search through all of the discussion tag, and I didn't find anything along these lines so I'm going to ask.

What exactly do canon Bertie and Jeeves look like?

I'm sure we've all got our pictures in out heads, Jeeves with his dark hair and head that bulges in the back, Bertie with his willowy physique and somewhat beaky nose, but what lines of text do these pictures originate from? Goodness knows the illustrators all had different ages everywhere, as well as various affinities for monocles and facial hair.

Edited to add: This question is three parts curiosity, wanting to get an closer match in this fic I'm writing, and also because I'm trying to commission the talented Tracy J. Butler to draw our boys. She's the spiffing artist who creates Lackadaisy, which is about booze-running cats in 1920's Louisiana. She drew a couple of her characters in human form, and they sort of match our boys. Made me long for a drawing of her's actually about our lovely lads.
Pictures behind the cut! )
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What ho folks! I've got an exceedingly odd request...I'm trying to track down my own fics. I abandoned them in my wild youth, and I'd like to take them back under my wing such as it were. I've hunted high and low, but could only locate the whereabouts of my unfinished fic "The Truth" and my series of Red Panda Bertie pics. I know I've got another two stories out there, one about the bicycle ride that is in desperate need of fixing and another about Demon!Bertie that needs finishing. Can anyone help?
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I'm sure many people have asked this question, so I apologise if it's something you get on a seni-frequent basis, but what colour is Bertie's hair? I seem to recall his eyes being described as blue a couple of times in the books, but I've been reading a lot of fics where Bertie has blond hair, and I wondered if that was canon or fanon.

Come to think of it, is Jeeves's hair and eye colouring described anywhere?

On an entirely unrelated note, does anyone else get the urge to say things like 'bally' and '(dis)posish' IRL after watching one too many eps of the TV show? ;)
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I seem to be very much the sort who - like a certain Wooster chap - misses things that seem obvious to others or which have been discussed, but somehow manage to zip past me unacknowledged.

I note the distinct lack of our dear MomentaryLapse8 and the weekly drabble prompts that have been so enjoyable. I hope that A- MomentaryLapse8 is alright, and B- Someone knows the answer to A and possibly some other points of interest on the matter.

Please understand, I'm not complaining - though I miss them, of course - I'm just a little concerned that I've missed something of note that I shouldn't have done.

Thanks all, in advance, for enlightenment.

Fic search

Jan. 20th, 2013 01:53 am
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Hi guys. I'm fairly new to the comm, though not to Wodehouse's books, and I've got a question about fanfic in the fandom: are there any fics (gen, slash, het - don't care) with supernatural elements/set in AUs? I mean ghostfics, wingfics, fics where the characters are shapeshifters, that sort of thing (though not vampires - somehow I just don't see that genre here).

AU stories I've found so far are: Mice's "Jeeves and the Uncommon Senses" and "The Case of Colney Hatch" by sex_in_spats. But yeah, those sorts of AUs are roughly what I'm looking for.

Any advice?


Sep. 1st, 2012 12:47 am
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I'm writing a story set between the two World Wars. Two of the main characters are a wealthy young lady and her maid. They're traveling on an ocean liner from England to America, like Bertie and Jeeves did. Would they have shared quarters, or berthed separately? Any advice would be welcome.

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