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Dear all,

It's nice to be back in Joosterland after a long absence! Unfortunately darkeyedseer seems to have deleted all their fics, and I'm in the mood for some angst. Would anyone happen to have a copy to tide me over? Pretty please, with a fruity tie on top?

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So after a very long absence from J&W I felt In need of a fix. I've been enjoying the archives again but can't shake the idea I want to read a particular story - I've tried looking (I promise) but have had no luck - please help!

TBF I remember very little so if anyone knows what I'm talking about it'll be a miracle.

So - it was a role reversal for reasons I don't remember. Jeeves was being quite OOC and maybe a bit mean (?) and something about him choosing to wear 'Jewel tones'. And yeah... That's it. I just know I really liked it!!

Hopeless aren't I? Sorry! But maybe if you wrote it you'll know what I'm on about!


This fic is 'Adventures in Valeting' but it's by woe_in_a_hoodie who is a deleted user. If anyone has a copy of this fic I would be the most grateful person ever!
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Ages ago, I remember reading a fic where Bertie and Jeeves read an illustrated book together on the history of valets and butlers around the world, with Bertie being amused and intrigued by the different clothes and Jeeves being grateful for his suits. I don't remember much, except that the author included actual historical images and I probably originally found it through this comm. Thanks!
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Hello, darlings. I've lost a story that featured a freezing flat, necessitating our heroes to make a little bed in front of the living room fire.

There may have also been a moment earlier in the story when they have a bit of fisticuffs over some pictures? Not sure about that part, might not have been the same story.

Anyone recognize this & willing to give me a clue? Very much appreciated!

Lost fic

Feb. 3rd, 2014 10:43 pm
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What ho!!

A long time ago I read a fic but I can't seem to find it anywhere now :(
I don't remember much but this I do: Jeeves and Bertie are on a ship when a child (I think a girl) falls overboard, Bertie is about to jump in the water to save her but Jeeves jumps in before he gets a chance and saves her but hits his head while he dove in the waters...or something like that :/

I can't remember the titel, author or even site :(

Please...does someone know which fic i'm looking for?
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Hello, dear friends! This is my first time posting, although I've been following for quite some time. I told myself I was not allowed to post until I had read EVERY entry in the entire archive. Well, something like a year later, I've done it and here I am! I feel as though I know many of you well, having watch your evolution over the past decade plus, and if I forget myself and act like I do, please forgive me. This community is a delight.

After this long journey, one thing remains unsatisfied: there is a work out there that has had its praises sung near and far that, despite my pretty fabulous Google fu, remains forever elusive:

Cornette's Twelve-Pager by Careena

It's like a plague now. I've read all the big name works, the vast majority of the others, and this one piece just taunts me. Can anyone help?

If I've gone afoul of your policy, I am sincerely sorry.

With very much love and affection,
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What ho folks! I've got an exceedingly odd request...I'm trying to track down my own fics. I abandoned them in my wild youth, and I'd like to take them back under my wing such as it were. I've hunted high and low, but could only locate the whereabouts of my unfinished fic "The Truth" and my series of Red Panda Bertie pics. I know I've got another two stories out there, one about the bicycle ride that is in desperate need of fixing and another about Demon!Bertie that needs finishing. Can anyone help?

Fic Search

Mar. 28th, 2013 10:49 am
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Anyone remember the one where Biffy in his infinite awareness drops his and Mabel's 3 kids off with Jeeves, so he and Bertie have to take care of them?
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I've spent the last month furiously reading as much Jeeves and Wooster fic as I can find, but I can't remember where I found some of it.

I am looking for a story in which a baddie threatens Bertie in order to get Jeeves to resign and come work for him in a slave-like capacity. The baddie was involved in various swindles and was absolutely cruel to Jeeves, but in the end, a combination of Jeeves' cunning and Bertie's own efforts results in the baddie being imprisoned and Jeeves restored to his proper place.

Sound familiar to anyone?

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Tally ho, dear comrades!

I'm taking a break from my hibernation to ask about a multi-chapter fic I remember reading a few years ago. It started off with Bertie getting a rather sudden illness/condition that resulted in him going blind. In retrospect, I think the doctor even had to take his eyes out (dear god, I do hope I'm not making this up). A lot of angstiness ensues, but Jeeves stays devotedly by his side and makes him accept his fate and learn to live with it.

Clues, anyone?

Apart from that, I would like some recommendations on similar Jooster fics where Bertie is actually behaving solemnly/competently in contrast to his usual self. To be short, I'd appreciate angsty plots, with suicide attempt or something of the kind. Ignore my dark fixations, if you please. :D

Thanks in advance!

Lost fic.

Jan. 22nd, 2013 03:29 am
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Hello, lovely people :) Looking for a fic I read a while ago. All I can remember is that when Jeeves learns of Bertie's feelings for him, he flees to his uncle's(?) house. Bertie then turns up at said place and pleads with Jeeve's uncle to let him speak to him. Naturally, all is resolved and they get together. I also remember that after they get to together and are about to have sex, Bertie complains that the bed is too small so Jeeves makes a makeshift bed on the floor out of mattresses/pillows. Sorry it's not much to go on but I'm dying to read it again!

Thank you all!
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Hi, I'm hoping to get some story recommendations along certain themes.

-- The first one is violent Spode. I remembere one story where Spode almost kills Bertie over something he didn't even do (of course). If I remember correctly it was a very close call and Jeeves had to become violent to stop Spode. I would love to find this story and all stories similar to it with Spode (or a Spode like character) attacking Bertie and Jeeves coming to the rescue.

-- Secondly I would love to find stories where Bertie plays classical music to please Jeeves even if he likes show tunes better. Any story like this or others were Bertie's love and talent for music comes into play would be very welcome.

I would be very grateful for all recommendations this lovely community can come up with :-). Thank you!
Slash and gen are both appreciated.

Fic search

Jan. 9th, 2013 10:53 pm
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Hi all,

I'm looking for a specific fic, something along the lines of a "five times"-fic, where Jeeves and Bertie, respectively, confess their feelings for the other, but they're unrequited. I don't remember the author, nor the title (although I suspect that it didn't in fact, have a full title). I've googled any number of key words, and the only exact phrase I can remember, "I don't quite requite said feelings. But stay, Jeeves. Stay." (Or something very close to this), and come up blank, so I rather fear it's not to be found online any more, but I turn to you, fine friends, anyway. So. Er. Help?

EDIT: Found! It's Ways Where it Didn't Work by [livejournal.com profile] zekkass
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What-ho chaps, I'm afraid I've been a little mentally negligable and lost a pair of fics, I'd be terribly greatful if you could possibly help me find them.

Fic the first: I think the furnace went out, but either way, the flat is freezing and Jeeves beds the Y.M. in front of the fire. Said Y.M. couldn't possibly let his valet become an icicle and invites him to join him in his little nest (can you guess how this one ends?).

Fic the second: There's a party at the Drones (I think) and Bertie dons a frock to go as Jeeves' date and they get up to some rather fruity stuff in an empty room/ cloakroom/ broom cupboard.

Many thanks in advance for your help.
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I have been looking, and looking, and looking for a fic where Jeeves and Bertie are sleeping all snuggled up together and Jeeves teases Bertie about having nightmares after seeing Nosferatu...  

It was a really long fic and they were staying in a room full of books and this was probably just a weird aside.

I'd dearly love to cite it as a partial inspiration (and hopefully read it again because I recall it being darn angsty and cute).

Any clues?
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I am not sure if this allowed. If it is not please excuse me and I will delete it.
I am looking for an older fic with Bertie and Jeeves.

Jeeves gets attacked and Bertie is beside himself. There is mention that his father killed himself and that Bertie fears he too is going insane. They kiss in the police station after the villain is caught and then attacked by Bertie after Bertie finds out the man does not remember attacking Jeeves.

Thank you.
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Hello, I'm quite new to LJ, but I've been lurking in this community for a long time. And this is my first post ever in LJ or in this community, so forgive me if I done wrong. You can call me Stefan, anyway.
Actually, I came here looking for a fic, yet I don't remember the author nor the title, and I vaguely remember the plot.
But I remember that the fic goes Jeeves getting some fever, and Bertie panicked, Aunt Dahlia asked them to move to Brinkley Court temporary until Jeeves recover. Bertie won't leaves Jeeves' side, one of the maid try to make a move with Jeeves, story goes, Bertie ended up sleeping in Jeeves room and in the next morning Jeeves give him advice to escape his room with some wheeze to avoid suspicion.
Ring any bell? Please help finding this fic, thank you all.
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Hello all! after a few years break, I recently splashed head first back into the fandom, and despite all of my searching I cannot find a certain fic. It would have to be a couple years old, and I believe it was a longer one. Sadly, all I can remember of it is Jeeves revealing long ago sexual abuse, and Bertie cries, then apologizes for crying. Jeeves tells him something along the line of "It's alright, i can't cry over it anymore. You're crying for me."

i hate to come back in with a request, but I cannot find this thing anywhere, after an extensive search. Does anyone know what may have happened to it, or have a link to it if it's still around? I would much obliged! Thank you!
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I'm desperately searching for this  fic:

* Two of Bertie's friends who are engaged (Stiffy and Stinker?) want to borrow his spare bedroom for  tick, and what's a bird to do? He lets them.

* They then get up to a bit of nudge-nudge wink-wink, and Bertie doesn't know what's going on.

*Jeeves after teasing poor Bertie for a bit explains, aand they have a bit of how's-your-father of their own.

Reward for finding: virtual cake!

ETA: found: Jeeves and the Sweetness of an Enemy by [livejournal.com profile] toodlepipsigner
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Hi all, I'm looking to find some of the older fics that are listed here, but which have broken links. In particular, I am looking for Bad Faery's "Breaking the Silence", but I would love to read any of the ones up there with broken links.

Also, I came across this rec on another list, and am having no luck finding a working link:

Author: Lucy Knisley
Pairing: Jeeves/Bertie
Journal fic

Rating: PG
Summary: One question remains: How to find and confront my errant valet. Heart hasn’t stopped beating like a bally rabbit all afternoon - think I need a stiff drink.[[WARNING! HUGE image ahead! And by huge I mean 1296x5530px. Yes, this isn’t exactly a fic, but it’s wonderful and I want to rec it, and there is text, so here it stays. This is a short adventure, told in snippets of  Bertie’s diary, starting with a Bad Thing and culminating in a Rather Wonderful Thing. And it’s lovely. :3]]

Is anyone able to help me out with either working links or copies you might have saved that you could email me? Much appreciated.


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