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Hullo, hullo, hullo!

I've been lurking on this wonderful community for about a year, since I discovered the world of Jeeves and Wooster, but until now I've been too shy to introduce myself ;)
So, here I am; I got into the Jeeves's stories via the Torchwood fandom, watched the TV adaptation and I'm still working my way through the books; I've recently finished Joy in the Morning :)
I've actually worked up the courage to post now because many moons ago I started to write my very own Jooster fanfic and, since English is not my first language, I would really appreciate the help of a Beta Reader, would anyone like to volounteer?
Toodle Pip,
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Hello everyone, I'm writing a new Jeeves and Wooster fanfiction that I started in August, and I need some help, if you please. I haven't been writing much lately, so I'm rather out of the practice, especially with fanfiction. I just need some help to get the ball rolling and generate some plot ideas further.
It's a Jeeves/Blandings crossover with a Bertie/Jeeves pairing, where the Efficient Baxter finds out that they are in love before Jeeves and Bertie figure it out for themselves. I know what I want to happen in the end, but I'm unsure how to put it all together realisticly, and how Baxter could infer their love without it being obvious. Any ideas?
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Hello guys, I'm writing two Jeeves and Wooster fics at once (not even the murder mystery one that I started planning yet, as I'm stuck on plotting that one too) and I'm rather stumped.
I've got certain scenes from both fics written down, but I'm not sure how to progress with the rest of the story around it. I've got plenty of ideas but I just can't progress right now. Not only that, but I need some help with Bertie's voice.

Could somebody please read through what I've got and beta Bertie's narrative voice? I'll tell you the plot also, and see if it's any good or needs tweaking.
For now I've got a Jeeves-Blandings cross-over where a feud between Bertie and the Efficient Baxter should be taking place, and a romance scene between Bertie and Jeeves.
The second fic is a Bertie/Rocky and how they first met, but I also need help with the American-isms for Rocky. I'm not really sure how to write his dialogue.

Thanks if anybody's willing to help!
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I'm working on my first J/W fic ( and yes it's the killer Jeeves fic I originally promised to write a year or so ago, if anyone remembers. RL insisted on getting in my way)and I am in desperate need of beta/Britpicker/sounding board. Anyone who feels up to the task can let me know in the comments or you can pm me. Thanks in advance.
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What ho, chums!

I've recently written a Jeeves/Downton Abbey crossover, and I'd like to have it beta'd by someone with Jeeves and Wooster experience, since it's my first effort in that fandom.  (My third in Downton.) 

I decided to write the thing because my favorite Downton character is Thomas, the evil footman who dreams of being a valet, and when one thinks of valets, one thinks of Jeeves.  Actually, what I really wanted was to read about Jeeves's reaction to Thomas, but since a request on the DAkinkmeme got no takers, I finally decided to sit down and write it myownself. 

Let's see, the fic is about 11K.  It starts out Bertie/Thomas, and ends up Bertie/Jeeves--no explicit sex for either pairing, since Bertie is too preux to narrate it.  (That is the in-story explanation, I mean.  Many excellent writers have managed to believably write sex scenes in Bertie's voice, but I didn't dare.)  The basic setup is that Bertie visits Downton, he and Thomas begin a fling, and are caught in the act.  This gets Thomas fired.  Bertie decides the only preux thing to do is find him another job.  Or rather, have Jeeves find him another job.  Jeeves is reluctant to do so because Thomas Does Not Meet the Required Standard.  Events ensue, and it ends up, as I said, Bertie/Jeeves, with Thomas happily settled elsewhere and somewhat the better for his experience. 

Working titles are "Jeeves and the Inferior Valet" and "Thomas and the Kindest Man in England." 

I look forward to hearing from any interested parties.  I'll post the completed fic here and at the Downton community. 
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Hello, All,

I'm so sorry I haven't update any Medicinal Skirts stories, but I just recently found my notes and am anxious to take off again soon. There is just one thing though: I do have quite a list of skirts and have looked around for more ideas (via Google), but the list still feels.... short. SO, I would love to hear of any ideas or requests from you all.
Here is what I have:
  • Waiter(ess)
  • Hula/Grass
  • Princess
  • Dutch-maid
  • Clown
  • Boy-player
  • Hoop
  • Tunic/skirt (medieval)
  • Cancan
  • Kilt
  • Gladiator
  • India (think Bollywood)
  • School girl (I hesitate to use this one)
You see my dilemma? Despite searching through "sexy costumes" on the internet they are all either to modern for Jeeves and Wooster or they're a male profession turned femme fantasy.

BTW! Search "male skirt" on Google. You are in for a treat! (I look forward to the equaling sexes)
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Hello kind community members.

I normally blithely post things and let the chips fall (Apologies if that was unmannerly--I happened upon this community after getting hooked on the work of Mice and Random Nexus in Ao3).

I have something in the hopper that's been giving me pause and was wondering if there were any brave souls willing to give it a glance?  It's the sequel to that last 'spyverse' tale (no one dies and the ending is happy). It's longish--about 17,000 words, and any help would be deeply appreciated.

Rummy comment warning: things got a bit out of hand in crack pairing land.  Please be cautious with the links. AND also the lower comments... please keep animals (especially newts) and small children away
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Hello ISers,

Once more I am on the trawl for a beta reader. Would anyone mind casting an eye over a story? :)

Beta help?

May. 21st, 2011 02:26 pm
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Hello again ISers,

I'm afraid I am once more throwing a request out there for a beta reader. Unfortunately, due to some confusion the last attempt rather went off the rails.

Are there any kind souls about who could beta a story for me?
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What ho, good sorts!

I'm looking for a beta for the not-so-near future-- I and a pal have signed up for the AU Big Bang, and we're doing a crossover/fusion between the Jeeves Stories and the Dresden Files. It's set in the balmy late-20s-ish of the Jeeves stories, where everything is lovely and nothing is terrible, and the mighty epic death-and-angst battles of the 'Files are reduced to social squabbles, bruised egos, and broken engagements. It'll swap between two narrators-- Harold Blackstone Mesmer Dresden (prefers the nickname Mimsy, he's a brave soul) and our fine Bertie Wooster.

We're both rather rusty on our Jeeves, so although we're doing the requisite rereading, we'll need a Wodehouse beta in the worst way. Knowledge of the Dresden Files isn't required, as we'll try to make the characters explain themselves and tuck into the Jeevesverse organically, but it wouldn't hurt.

We've got all of the first half a chapter done, so there's no rush, but figured I'd ask if anyone was interested?
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Hello my felllow Joosterians,

I am in desperate need of a beta reader. Is there a kind soul out there who would cast an eye over a story for me, with a particular eye to characterisation? *shuffles feet nervously*
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What ho, all. I've been devouring the fic and art in this fandom since I stumbled across it, and I'm just blown away by everyone's talent, and thought I ought to delurk and say hi.

The other reason I'm delurking is to ask for a beta for a fic. I had wanted to have it as an introductory gift of sorts, but I don't feel comfortable posting it unbetaed. It's a bit of pre-slashy fluff, just over 1000 words, Bertie POV, and already written up. I mostly need someone to advise me on my Bertie-voice and brit-pick, but would obviously appreciate someone who could double-check it for typos and spelling and whatnot.
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Well, there's a title I thought I'd never write!
Me and [livejournal.com profile] detective_wolf are working on a super-secret project right now, and are in need of a beta! We'd like to have someone to britpick, correct typos and see if our Bertie&Jeeves voices sound like themselves. :) Any volunteers?

And to fatten this post up a bit, here are some sketches and a silly comic I made (not related to the project.. OR ARE THEY. [They're not.])

(Backstory: Bertie is supposed to be 17 and Jeeves is 20.
This story doesn't have any point, but I'll give ten points and a parrot mark for anyone who gets the reference made at the end!)

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I have been lurking at this community for  a very long time and was inspired to make a lj account for this fandom. Allow me to introduce myself: I am a 23 year old grad student and long-time reader Wodehouse who has been spending her evenings when not immersed in studies roaming the internet in search of Jooster fanfiction. I am utterly floored by the quality of the writers who post on indeedsir. Thank you for the hours of reading and relaxation!

I decided to come out of hiding for two reasons: 1., to express how impressed I am with the sophistication and dedication in this fandom, and 2., to request a beta reader for a fiction I hope to have at least well underway in time for Halloween.  I had intended to write my first piece as a more-or-less conventional bit of lighthearted Jooster fare, but I was oddly inspired and have begun planning something a bit... dark. For those of you who don't mind AU, tragedy and ghost stories and are willing to provided editorial and moral support for this impending monstrosity of a fic, please send me a message and I'll tell you more. If you don't want to work on it once I've given you the general outline, feel free to tell me to go boil my head. :-) Toodle-pip.
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Beta-ing question.[livejournal.com profile] lilyv687 ,suggested a Poirot / Jooster crossover, and the little plot bunny curled up in my lap and nibbled my belly button until I wrote something. I've watched a lot of Poirot movies, but only read a couple of the books from the library so I don't have them to reference. Toodlepipsinger is already working above and beyond to help with my first J/W attempt, so I was wondering if anybody out that wanted to bother with fixing this little thing? and as always, if it's improper or requested I will remove this posting. Later, folks!.
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What ho, Chums!

I have written the second installment of my previously untitled Jooster fic and need a beta. The fic includes: Cross dressing, oocness, slight S/M, CRACK, and AU.

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Hallo, hallo, hallo! This is my first proper Jaunt into writing anything for Jeeves and Wooster, however it is certainly not my first jaunt into Wodehouse's wonderful world. I suppose I'm a bit nervous that I've gone and caused several massive environmental disasters, because I'm sure old Plum is spinning in his grave right about now. The reason I'm posting this in parts is because it's my first legitimate fic in this fandom, and I am in desperate need (or rather, want) of a beta.

Deep breaths, here we go.

Title: Jeeves and The Children's Charity Ball (Chapter 1)
Author: tin_antiquity
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Rating: G? PG? I dunno. *shrug* 
Words: 1839
Summary: Bingo has fallen head over heels once again, and this time, it's Bertie's help he needs, no Jeeveses need apply. This necessitates wibble!Bertie, dance lessons and reminiscing. 
Author's Notes: This is my first sojourn into writing Jeeves and Wooster, so any constructive criticism is vastly helpful.

Here goes nothin' )
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What ho, all.

You may or may not remember me from a fic I posted some good ages ago. I was unsatisfied with the way it turned out, and sought to revamp and reprise it. Then my actual life kicked in again and I was forced to put it on the backburner. I remember receiving a very gracious offer to Beta the fic as it was then, by one of your very own... but since I was rather careless in deleting my unworthy entry and all that came with it, I have forgotten said offerer's name. I will give out further detail on the story outline itself as requested, but really all of importance I can serve now is this:

This is designed to be one for the long run. As in long, like above 50.000 perhaps above 100.000 depending how it all runs. Since I am the slowest writer in all of the land (having produced but a meagre 3329 words in three days), I would never bombard you with endless tomes to catch up with and we might be stuck together for a long time. And I will not post this thing until the last period sits on the paper: We, her resident majesty the Queen of procrastination, would never, ever finish the blasted thing.

So, I guess if you think this might fit your bill, let me know? I have little to offer other than the gratification of knowing that you've made a literate fool just that bit less foolish... does that cut it for you?



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Hello. The body is out of work again, and so tech-brain has gone to sleep and let fic-brain out for a play. 18 pages and a lot of interruptions later, I've ground to a halt. Tomorrow I have the house to myself and as I've now got a better quality mic, I was thinking of doing that podfic I was asked to do ages ago rather than trying to continue this new thing just yet. Or, you know, if nobody cares any more, apply for jobs and do some college work.

I would therefore like to hear from anyone who'd be prepared to waste 18 word-doc pages-worth of their life reading it and tell me what to change. Or indeed, tell me how long they were reading it before they lost the will to live.

My usual MO is to just sit down and write until the thing is finished, occasionally remembering to sleep and eat and such, but, partially due to where I've left it (if it's considered worth continuing) I was thinking it might be interesting to try something different for this one - to set up a post on my journal where people can post anonymously what they think should happen next, vote for each others ideas, etc. Most popular one is what I then write. Worth a go?


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