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Hello, if you've stumbled upon this community then you are most likely a fan of Jeeves & Wooster and all things Wodehousian. If so, welcome!

For now, this community is a backup only, created in order to preserve community content and provide a new space should one be required. Therefore, no new members are being accepted just yet. For now, please join us over at IndeedSir on Livejournal, where the current activity remains.

Thank you!

Jeeves and Wooster Gift Exchange Submission

I already posted this on Tumblr, but I might as well stick it here, too. Here's my gift for powerbottomjeeves, in response to the prompt for "Jeeves in a nightshirt":

Original post here:
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Gift exchange sign-ups are open!!

Sign-ups for the Jeeves & Wooster gift exchange are now open! As I've said before here, this is a fanworks gift exchange, in which participants will make fanworks (fic, art, gifs, etc.) for each other. You won't find out who you were matched with until the gifts are posted. Everyone is welcome to sign up, regardless of skill level. If you're only familiar with the Fry & Laurie series or the books but not both, that's fine too!

You can find out more from the announcement post on Tumblr here, or if you'd like you can go straight to the sign-up form here.

Sign-ups will be open through March 31st, and then assignments will be emailed out on April 2nd. Participants will post their gifts on Tumblr anytime between May 5th to 7th. Please let me know if you have any questions. :)

FIC: With the Intent of Bearing Arms (1/1)

With the Intent of Bearing Arms, by synonym
Genre: Romance
Length: 2,002
Chapters: 1/1
Rating: T
Summary: World War II is approaching at an alarming rate and Bertram attempts to comfort them both in one of the very few quiet nights that remain.
On AO3:

Sorry for the amount of posting, my head is more than a little messy right now, and is creating an overabundance of Jeeves and Wooster works!
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Twitter Account!

I made it anyway, if anyone uses twitter please feel free to follow! @jeeveswoosters

I figured I might as well just put it out there and see if it flies or whatnot.
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Twitter Inquiry!

Hullo everyone,

I just had a small question; I was considering (and in the works, halfheartedly so,) making a twitter account dedicated to Jeeves and Wooster, posting quotes from the books, prompt ideas, screencaps from the show, theories that people could respond to, making polls such as 'Which of Bertie's chaps is he closest to?' and 'Which of these characters had more of an impact on Bertie Wooster's life?' and many others, but I'm not quite sure the audience it would grab as Twitter, although huge for some fandoms, is not always preferred by some.

Would this interest any of you wonderful birds? If so, please leave a comment so I can have an idea if I should finalize my little personal project. If not, you can also leave a comment as to why you wouldn't, I swear you won't offend me, I just have known Twitter to be a good place to make friends and bond quite well with many!
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Jeeves Live

So here's another probably futile quest: Anyone have any recordings of Martin Jarvis' Jeeves Live radio shows?

FIC: John (1/2)

John, by synonym
Genre: Romance
Length: 2,419
Chapters: 1/2
Rating: M
Summary: Jeeves’ whole perspective of his thought-to-be celibate employer is changed one night where he accidentally happens upon Mr. Wooster, flushed and panting in his bed with nothing but a rumpled dress shirt on, bringing himself slowly to a release with his hand. He finds himself at a loss on how to adjust to this new knowledge as well as at loss to understand the burning, sickening feeling he felt at the name uttered by his employer as he climaxed; “John.”
On AO3:
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Claude and Eustace

How do Claude and Eustace differ from each other? I recently reread The Inimitable Jeeves, and I tried to figure out what their differences are. They are similar in many ways so it's hard to tell. Does anyone have any ideas about what sets them apart?

Perhaps Claude is the more daring because he lifted a top hat from a passing car and stole a cigarette case? Eustace introduces their pal Rainsby to Bertie and usually explains their plans, so he might be more talkative than Claude? I'm really not sure though.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated :)

FIC UPDATE: Laments of an Icarus, Chapter 7/?

Laments of an Icarus, by synonym
Genre: Romance
Length: 5,887
Chapters: 7/?
Rating: M
Summary: I wish to remain, indefinitely and irreparably, his, until my lungs collapse and I am unable to move my legs to reach his side. They will have to tear my failing body away from him, and even then I would fight a war to continue my existence in his axis.
Mr. Wooster was the sun, and as much as I knew I would never leave him, I had the equal knowledge that I would never put my person close enough to his to melt my wings.
On AO3:
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Hello all!

Hi everyone! I posted this on tumblr already [here], but I've been peering in on indeedsir for a (very short) while now and figured I'd make my entry with this -

I've never used livejournal before in my entire life, since I'm just a few years off having been part of the lj boom for fandoms, but... I think I can figure out how this site works. Probably.

A little miffed that I didn't check in just after I'd finished the lines, or I would have seen the post about Jeeves and Stanley Holloway and that might have influenced me to change the interpretation of his looks, but it's much too late now.

I had enough of a crisis just figuring out whether or not I wanted to put Bertie in spats because I used the live-action with Fry and Laurie as my outfit guide and, well. I didn't want to needlessly mix eras, even though Wodehouse himself seemed perfectly content to, hahah. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Stanley Holloway as Jeeves?

Today I learned that P. G. Wodehouse once said he could picture Stanley Holloway playing Jeeves, particularly in a musical version (Holloway being the only "singing Jeeves" Wodehouse could accept). Most of the images floating around are of a fairly aged Mr. Holloway. However, having found this picture of him as a young man, all I can say is YES, PLEASE:

I wonder if Wodehouse pictured Jeeves having the Cockney accent that Holloway typically employed in his songs and monologues? So many unanswerable questions!
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Gift Exchange Schedule

Hello all! I posted this on Tumblr and thought I'd repeat it here. This is the schedule for the gift exchange.

March 24: Sign ups open
March 31: Sign ups close
April 2: Emails sent out with your recipient
May 5-7: Gifts are posted on Tumblr

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I'm looking forward to the exchange! :)

Fic: We Want Haddock

Hullo, hullo, hullo, hullo! I have been working on a new fic, which is a sequel to The Mating Season. I recently re-read TMS, and was so smitten by the adorable dynamic between Bertie Wooster and the story's romantic lead, Esmond Haddock, that I found myself shipping them like burning by the end of it. As far as I can tell, there is no fic at all featuring poor old Esmond, so I've decided to contribute a little of my own.

Title: "We Want Haddock"
Rating: T
Genre: Romantic comedy
Words: 2616 (so far)
Chapters: 1/?
Summary: After returning home from his adventures at Deverill Hall, Bertie finds his thoughts lingering on the devastatingly handsome Esmond Haddock. When Bertie learns that Esmond and Cora "Corky" Pirbright have severed their engagement, he struggles to patch things up between his pals. Meanwhile, Jeeves has plans of his own.

By the way, if you haven't read The Mating Season, I can't recommend it enough. I'd forgotten just how good it is, and the TV adaptation of it just doesn't do it justice.

FIC UPDATE: The Cruelty of Kind Deeds (3/?)

The Cruelty of Kind Deeds, by synonym
Genre: Romance/Angst
Length: 10,231
Chapters: 3/?
Rating: M
Summary: Jeeves announces that he is engaged to be married and will be leaving the services of Bertram Wooster in a matter of two weeks. He takes a young valet under his wing to take his place in Mr. Wooster's life and he begins to realize that sometimes kind and selfless deeds can have the cruelest of consequences.
On AO3:
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Fanworks exchange update!

Hi again! I'm happy to report that I'm going forward with the fanworks exchange idea, and I've set up a Tumblr blog for it, right here. I will try to keep people updated here though I will probably post more announcements there. Please follow the blog if you're interested in the exchange! Also, I would really appreciate any help spreading the word there! :)

FIC: Laments of an Icarus, Chapter 6/?

Laments of an Icarus, by synonym
Genre: Romance (ficlet collection)
Length: 4,805
Chapters: 6/?
Rating: M
Summary: I wish to remain, indefinitely and irreparably, his, until my lungs collapse and I am unable to move my legs to reach his side. They will have to tear my failing body away from him, and even then I would fight a war to continue my existence in his axis.
Mr. Wooster was the sun, and as much as I knew I would never leave him, I had the equal knowledge that I would never put my person close enough to his to melt my wings.
On AO3:

(Update for chapters 5 & 6!)

Fic: "A Touch of the Old Uncanny"

I've written a strange little ghost story, featuring Bertie Wooster and his obscure literary ancestor, Reggie Pepper. Jeeves isn't in it all that much, as it's mostly set (just) pre-canon, but he does make an appearance.

Title: "A Touch of the Old Uncanny"
Rating: G
Words: 6608
Chapters: 4/4
Summary: Shortly before meeting Jeeves, Bertie has a strange adventure with a fellow member of the Drones.
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Fanworks exchange?

Would anyone be interested in a Jeeves & Wooster fanworks exchange? I'm thinking of something like the Yuletide secret santa fanfic exchange, except it would be only for Jeeves & Wooster stuff, and all types of fanworks would be welcome (fanart, fanvids, etc. as well as fanfic). Plus, it would be sometime in the spring or summer maybe? Also, I think I would run it as a Tumblr blog.

I've had a lot of fun with gift exchanges in other fandoms, and I think it would be so much fun to do one in the Jeeves fandom, especially since there are so many amazing and creative people around here! I'd love to know if anyone would want to take part in an exchange like this. Does this sound like a good idea to anyone? I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)

FIC: Salt and Pepper (1/1)

Salt and Pepper, by synonym
Genre: Romance
Length: 2,098
Chapters: 1/1
Rating: T
Summary: A forty-five year old Bertram Wooster is most definitely enjoying the grey hair that was beginning to take over Jeeves’ scalp and is more than miffed when Jeeves suggests dyeing it back to entirely black.
On AO3: