Mar. 10th, 2017

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Laments of an Icarus, by synonym
Genre: Romance
Length: 5,887
Chapters: 7/?
Rating: M
Summary: I wish to remain, indefinitely and irreparably, his, until my lungs collapse and I am unable to move my legs to reach his side. They will have to tear my failing body away from him, and even then I would fight a war to continue my existence in his axis.
Mr. Wooster was the sun, and as much as I knew I would never leave him, I had the equal knowledge that I would never put my person close enough to his to melt my wings.
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How do Claude and Eustace differ from each other? I recently reread The Inimitable Jeeves, and I tried to figure out what their differences are. They are similar in many ways so it's hard to tell. Does anyone have any ideas about what sets them apart?

Perhaps Claude is the more daring because he lifted a top hat from a passing car and stole a cigarette case? Eustace introduces their pal Rainsby to Bertie and usually explains their plans, so he might be more talkative than Claude? I'm really not sure though.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated :)


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